Thursday, February 15, 2007

A few things....

1. Road Tolls.
"The toll system will be called Salik which in Arabic means clear," said Maitha Obaid Bin Udai, Chief Executive Officer of the Traffic and Roads Agency at the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).
What she means is that the roads where the toll system is in place will be clear.
The rest of the roads will be worse than the mayhem we currently have to endure. With little or no alternative (a floating bridge due for completion in March 2007) I can see the problems.
I already am aware of 2 very large corporations that will be issuing prepaid stickers to most of their employees to lessen the expense of driving. The companies want their workers to be on time and to be happy. Most of the people who will benefit from this will be expats.

So, there we have it, poorer folks and Nationals will be forking out while most of the expats will insist on their companies supplying them with 'road toll stickers'.

If the way she applies her mask is anything to go by, then be prepared. Only one word springs to mind. Hideous.

BTW, did anyone see The Phantom of the Opera?

2. This was one of the first things I saw on the road yesterday morning. Was it a sign of something? It was Valentines day after all.

Yesterday I went to the opening of Marks & Spencers new store in Festival City. It was nice and spacious and that is about all I have to say. Except that they have their own bakery. I bought a few of these most yummy Lemon & White chocolate muffins. When you break/bite them in half they have the most gorgeous gooey centre with strands of chocolate weaving in and out of some lemon curdy stuff. NICE.
My pic does not do them credit. I swear it was a good pic until blogger got its hands on it, and the white background has changed to green and there are white flecks all over it, I want old blogger back.


BuJ said...

i'm glad i'm not the only one that's noticed that she looks absolutely hideous! the amount of makup on that face is excessive!

has she been sticking those stickers on that face of hers?

i'm visitor 9994.. yay!
would make a cool number plate me thinks.

this toll idea is shit and i don't think it's transparently applied.. so really it's dhs8 a pop.. 16dhs for a return trip.. if u do it 6 days a week that's 287 days a year assuming you don't drive for 25 days for annual leave and u don't drive in weekends there... that's 16*287=4592 dhs.. bugger..

that's a steelfixer's wage for 6 months or so!

so fecking unfair!

Anonymous said...

To me she looks like a local gothic version. In the picture she is showing the finger on the toll sticker. LOL!!

Buj Im visitor 9999 and I better stay anonymous ;-)

CG said...

You can run but you can't hide hehe.
Anyway, I got the 10,000th visitor, and caught her real good.

BuJ said...

lol anon who are you?
i thought this blog doesn't allow anon comments?
is it you CG?!

Long Distance said...

Apparently Ms Maitha attended Transvestites Anonymous School of Beauty!

How some people think shaving your eye brows & drawing in artificial ones makes you look better is beyond me, unless she had werewolf eyebrows or some thing?


Long Distance Rulz.

Harsha said...

its not just her.. I see a LOT of women here shave their eyebrows off and then just draw them back.

Maybe its better than getting stuck in traffic to get to the saloon. Just shave it off at home and draw it back.

The first thing to notice about the article, when I saw it in the paper was the amount of cheap foundation on her face and the amount of hair sticking out of her hypocrite Shaila.

and LOL at anon for noticing her finger!

CG said...

FFS Harsha, it IS just her. There are plenty of make-up misfits out there, but non as awful and dramatic as her making it into the papers. I mean, come on, does she not have ONE person around her to tell her that she looks like a drag queen gone wrong.

BuJ said...

How much?
4 Dhs you say?

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Now that is one scary woman! Who is she pointing the finger to I wonder? Chances are regarding her brows, that they are tattooed on, waterproof and all that...

Oya said...

Thanks for stopping by at Istanbul DP. Your muffin looks good too :) White chocolate and lemon is a good idea. Will try that. I don't think her make up is completely annoying. Looks like a combination of Arabic and Indian too me. It is too much ofcourse but the eyes looks good to me...:)Don't hate me...I am glad to meet you, I was looking for some blog about Dubai and the life there. Will be back...

Jin said...

The muffin looks divine & I'm trying hard not to drool......
BTW, thanx for all the help re the breadmaker......can you believe I found (and bought) in a shop less than 500m from my apartment! Sods law innit?!

Sex and Dubai said...


Make up gone bad. We've finally got women in high positions and then they go and ruin it with those globs on their faces. How are we EVER going to be taken seriously if we can't deal with the way we look.