Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One IDIOT among many.

Do you know who this neglectful parent/Uncle/driver is? The baby was sat on its mothers lap. I had to drive at a speeds of over 160km to take these shots . . . Al Khail Road, Sunday 21st.


Jin said...

I just don't get it at all............why are parents/guardians so bloody stupid as to let a child sit like that in the front seat of a car & like you say, the vehicle was travelling at over 160kmph. Look out folks, one missile coming thru.............when it lands in the road in ten different splattered pieces, the parents/guardians will cry blue murder & wail like there's no tomorrow. Meanwhile, it's them who should be prosecuted.

BuJ said...

stupid parents.. i blame them 100% for their ignorance and stupidity.

i bet u if something unfortunate happens to the poor fellow the parents will then be accusing the police and the roads rather than looking closer at themselves.

kaya said...

the title says it all.
One IDIOT among many.
What is in their minds when they do this. they arent that stupid, as they know which clothes to wear/which shoes to buy and whats in and not.
So then why not the basics?

i*maginate said...

Although I disapprove of the issue in question, I don't agree with pics like these being posted publicly. If you felt so strongly, did you report it to the relevant authorities? And wasn't increasing your speed to 160kmh just to take a pic of this equally...'stupid'?

BuJ said...

loool i*... relax :)
if there's anyone out there i'd trust to be doing 160kmh and taking pics it's gotta be CG.. attacking a flight of stairs at 1kmh is another thing.

although i agree with you.. but you know what.. it's true one can call 800 4353 and complain officially, but will it really make a difference?

desserts anyone?

Tainted Female said...

I don't think CG's done any wrong here. Since I know her, I can tell you two things... 1) her kids were NOT int he car when she took the photo... and 2) she's got a built in camera thingy on the dashboard (I think that's what you said long back, wasn't it?).

The sad truth is, the authorities do NOTHING about these sorts of things, and the won't till people start making a fuss about it.

Parents in this country just seem to think it's OK to use baby as an air bag. I think parents who do this should be 1) forced to take parenting classes, and 2) punished for child neglect.

I also think the only way that anything will ever be done about this horrific norm in the UAE is by people doing like CG's done here.

And Psssst... this is the UAE. 160km/h is hardly record speed, guys.

CG said...



Some things will never change.

Yes, they were reported. along with another 427 pictures of similar violations (I only care about kids, not adults).
AND don't you ever dare to call me STUPID. You have no idea of what vehicle I am in or who took the pic, or even how it was taken. 160 is slow motion.

Yes, the hip can't tackle stairs. And thanks for the vote of confidence on my vehicular skills.

TF....welcome back.
Thanks for your support (I know you only said all that out of fear that I may run you down one day)...hehe.
True to form, no kids in the car.
And yes, it is our duty to protect the children of this world from parents who need to get a license to raise them. If that means exposing them then so be it. Who gives a fuck anyway? they can do whatever they like, but I hardly think they will complain to the authorities when they have attempted murder.....
poor children.

i*maginate said...

Hey CG, I didn't mean to use the word 'stupid'. Substitute it for 'idiot' which is what I should have quoted if I had reread your post title, which is calling somebody else an idiot. Given this, I did put the word 'stupid' in inverted commas to throw the question back at you...if you have the right to call somebody an 'idiot' can't you take it yourself? Anyway I wasn't accusing you of being an idiot, I was asking you...there's a difference. Well, I believe you aren't, from what buj and tainted have said. Chill out chick.

As for some of you claiming the authorities don't do anything, then what purpose does it serve to post pics like this on here? I think it's even more pointless, given that you claim the authorities wouldn't do anything about it anyway...enlighten me if I'm wrong.

Not a suggestion but a thought: I guess you've heard of those 'name and shame' websites for traffic offenders...wouldn't a site like that be more effective than a single post like this, esp. as you say you have loads of pics of the same type of offences?

BuJ said...

hmmmm this turns out to be less a conversation and more a personal attack... i don't see the point of these not-so-subtle comments..

if you wanna just insult each other then do so.. but don't use excuses such as taking pics at 160kmh to call someone stupid.. or idiot or whatever

less crap and more constructive criticism pls.

i*maginate said...

It's not a personal attack, Buj. How can it be when I don't know CG personally? I only know her words :) Ahem, she did accuse me of being bitchy on my own blog, and I responded in a decent and friendly way. It's not my intention for my comment to be interpreted personally and neither did I think CG would take offence, but if it does, so be it. CG is also free to tell me to piss off from her blog and I'll do so if she wants. CG, if you are going to take my comments personally, perhaps I should refrain from voicing my opinion here altogether...just let me know.

The last 2 paras of mine are constructive ideas/solutions...non? And I stand by my points in the first para. I *do* think it's pointless to publish such pics...and I *do* think it's equally 'idiotic' - in CG's words, to drive at 160kmh, additionally, for the purpose of taking this pic...but CG has responded to this point and convinced me it's not, for whatever reason...so...OK!

BuJ said...

i dunno why i'm getting into this I*.. (actually i think i do) but you cannot call this anything but a personal attack. ok.. say i swear at you now and call you names.. it's a personal attack even though i haven't had the pleasure of knowing you in person.

I'm afraid the level of conversation has gone down quite a lot. For example I'm not sure if CG has called you bitchy on ur blog. However it's obvious that whatever I say here won't matter to either of you so here's what I'll do.

Date: Friday 1 June
Time: 9pm
Location: Last petrol station on Emirates Road towards AD.

Last one standing wins.

Have a nice day everyone :)

Suburban said...

Well done. More please.

I*maginate sort of hit on a good idea there---> How about a blog dedicated to bad parking and / or people who use thier children as airbags? Like an idiot of the day thing, with a photo, and one line desctiption of what and where. I'll help.