Friday, June 16, 2006

Life in Jumeirah

Jumeirah Jane has died I think
She fell down under her kitchen sink
she was trying to find some dish washer powder
her head got crushed and she is now a chowder

Her husband looks so very calm
he has a new house on the palm
he got himself a brand new life
one trip to Thailand, here's his wife.

She cooks and cleans better than a maid
his Jumeirah Jane was very staid
her prado keeps her feeling fine
while his new wife knows how to tow the line

Summer is here, kids are off school
Jumeirah Jane does not feel so cool
The Thai delight is keeping him happy
While Jumeirah Jane sulks with her frappe


BuJ said...

brilllllllliant poem!

can i post on my blog? will reference this blog and credit you of course as the author!

CG said...

please feel free to continue with the next verse if you like...

BuJ said...

akh... that wasn't my question.. i think if i continue i will mess it all up.. better keep it as you've written it.

CG said...

feel free yourself.

Harsha said...

nice one ! ;o)

Jayne said...

Nice one! Can anyone carry on with another verse?

* said...

Her credit card got refused today
OH MY GOD! Her roots are on display
Whatever happened to driving in the fast lane
They call her the loser chick no more Jumeira Jane

BuJ said...


desertblog said...