Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Is it abuse?

Lovely photo, doting father...blah blah

But, is it ethical? Poor, poor, rich child. I am saddened. What has the world become?

To purposely force a child to be raised without a mother seems almost akin to abuse. My kids loved sleeping on my chest, sliding a hand inside my bra....this is their Mama, soft and sweet smelling. Their father could not offer the same level of comfort.

The verdict is still out on this one, but it has yet to be proven that homosexuality is not learned. What about school? There will always be the children who will ask him where his Mom is. What will he say? It is ok, I have 2 dads? Oh lordy.

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rosh said...

Yes, that picture of Elton is abusive to just about everybody’s senses. I can only imagine the poor child's horror.

That said, there are the good, and the bad, in every set of relationships. Straight, Gay, Mormons and Charlie Sheen’s porn trio (alright I'm pushing it).

Perhaps some folks know how to do a better job? And perhaps it can be a better life for an orphan. It’s not a cookie cut world anymore.

Anonymous said...

Talk about narrow minded. If he starts yelling at the kid for miming then maybe that is abuse but abuse because he's a dad, and so is David. Fool.

What about the abuse you cause me and my community for suggesting that this is near close to abuse? Hey?

Its a modern world, just becuse your narrow mindedness can't embrace different styles of families.

You spread hate, mate. Get a new hobby other than your sad hate filled blog.

kaya said...