Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I like my Betamax and chak chak chak tv.

There seems to be so much talk about the old days.
I am guilty of it too, and just cannot stop myself from reminiscing.
I want to shut up but it is all around me.
The new world is consuming me and I am fighting tooth and nail to keep the old times.

I am strong but this tornado is battering away at me,
determined to shake the cracked ground away from under me.

I thought I had just about clobbered it when along came seabee,
and again we are waltzing through Satwa Souq, just like when it was all we had.
Funny thing was that we never longed for malls that accomodated 700,000 aliens and I did not know anyone who did. So why did they build them? Oh yes, I forgot, it is all about the new people and what they want.
Perhaps it is just moving with the times. I hope someone remembers to come back and collect me.

With my strength returning, I visited Ammaro and was looking forward to reading about his search for a new but obsolescent TV. He took me so far down memory lane that I felt physically sick. He was making fun (yes, FUN) of tv's that are so ancient and chronic, but that also adorn a little cupboard in my spare room. Yes, I still have one of those chak chak chak button things. I shall not even tell you if it is colour or b&w. I could not stand the shame. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.
He went on to introduce people to some strange things called betamax movies.
Can you imagine that?

Well, get this. I have a box of them too. I suppose I shall never get the chance to convert them now.
I had planned on moving them to VHS, but there is probably little difference between the two.

OK, I shall get over this. I will go out and buy a plasma (LCD perhaps) TV this weekend.
I will be publishing a photo of it shortly. I am determined to get through this gracefully.

Time for some pofak I think.......


ammaro said...

i wasnt actually making fun of the TV's :p I was pointing out some features that really stood out, and would probably make us laugh when we remember them :) its beautiful. oh yeah, visit my 80s and 90s section. oh wait, i think i already asked you to, like, 100 times already.

rosh said...
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rosh said...
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rosh said...

"So why did they build them?"

Quite honestly, I have naaoo idea? I was driven away given, the endless building, endless new faces and changes, rules and more. I think I could return, when the intense building craze has subsided (crap, who am kidding) - if it sorta stagnates - and if they re-create parts of "ancient" UAE out in the desert, where people can lead lives similar to back in the day. And once in a while, I shall visit boobtown errr sorry, downtown Dubai to catch glimpse of the "future that has become"

*dials the shrink, to discuss possibility of that happening*


rosh said...

sorry on the multiple posts & deletions - they just appear and re-appear?

CG said...

Alright, I am calming down a little bit now. Have done some research and have decided on a new tv. I should bill Ammaro, since he was the one who pushed me out of my time warp (ok, ok, still got a little way to go).

Jayne said...

You're not alone hon - I also have a heap of old tapes, in storage at home......along with LP's & dare I say, original 45 singles eeeeek! I feel very old......correction, I feel fuckin ancient right now!

Seabee said...

Sorry to stir up the memories CG!

I'm also getting around to transferring all my old VHS and vinyl onto disc

BuJ said...

pofak oman chips and laban up with a bit of dixi cola doesn't harm anyone :)

nice post boss

rosh said...

errr mr buj, laban with dixie cola, can place you on the "throne" given a quite discomfort in the belly :)

shawarmah + laban (yum slurp!) and pofak + dixie cola - now, those are matches made in heaven ha :)

BuJ said...

Rosh the point was to point out old-school type of food, not to give specific combination recipies!!

that is purely down the individual's discretion :)

rosh said...