Wednesday, September 06, 2006


My friend cannot seem to grasp the meaning of my words. 'I do not want to be disturbed, I am ill and want to sleep as much as possible'. She translates this to mean that she will descend upon me without prior warning, with 4 snotty jumping kids in tow, to deliver a platter of homebaked food to make me feel better. I have an effing cook, I am an effing cook, I am so effing organised that I have 6 course meals for the next 10 years stacked in chest freezers. Beyond that I have an effing maid to organise me should my best laid plans fall apart.
This friend has done this so many times that I am starting to wonder how clear I have actually been. During this summer I was rather ill, and it was a delicate subject. Emotionally and physically I was at the end. I was not in the mood for mind games so when I said "I will contact you when I feel up to it", I really did mean it.

Did she turn up? Oh YES. and she had the audacity to say that she had been trying to call but could not get through.

She is a nice friend, when she leaves me alone.


nzm said...

First of all - welcome back!

Second - sorry to hear that you've been so ill.

Third - tell your maid that if your effing friend arrives on the doorstep, she is to tell her that you are sleeping and cannot be disturbed!

clayfuture said...


Seabee said...

Yes, welcome back. I love the happy, cheerful design.

With friends like this who needs enemies eh? And I guess we all have them, I've had the same problem.

nzm has it - tell the maid to say no-one, but no-one, is allowed in.

moryarti said...

Welcome back and hope you get well soon CG ... we missed you around here ..

Keep us updated ..

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Welcome back CG, it's nice to see you here again although I'm sad to hear about your illness. I pray inshallah you get better.

Sometimes people mean so well, they send you to hell...if you know what I mean..

All the best.

Long Distance said...

Hello friend,

You know who I am.

Stop whinging, next time she comes set your bird on her !

CG said...

Long Distance......I miss you so much. I wish you would suddenly descend upon me...

BuJ said...

Welcome back CG. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well, but inshalla you'll be back up in no time posting about traffic, cars, and manners :)

hope it was a good break.

Jayne said...

Welcome back hon & I hope you make a full recovery. Unplug the phone & threaten the maid with her life if she lets anyone in the front door!

* said...

Does this include me cg? huh? huh? huh?
and what am i supposed to do with this tuna casserole now?

CG said...

Kaya....I spent all of my phone credit on you yesterday....come on over, and don't forget the casserole.

Long Distance said...

Who the hell is Kaya & how come you spent all your credit on her?

How come you replaced me so quickly


Long Distance said...

Hope the Tuna casserole gave you diarhea


Long Distance said...

Hope the Tuna casserole gave you diarhea