Friday, September 08, 2006


I saw a lady at the traffic lights, window open, hair flowing in the breeze (hot & humid), wearing one of those dinky spaghetti string tops and shorts up-er-ar$e.

The labourers in the trucks around were having a field day. The game went on for about 10 minutes (traffic jam, lights, jumpers, rubber neckers...) and she was obviously provoking these guys from Stan.

When she finally pulled away, wound up her window (aaaahhhh, so her a/c was working) the men that were left behind were so hyped up, aroused would have been an under-statement.

We all know that they lack education and very rarely get the time/opportunity/etc to witness things like this (although if they went into some of the shopping areas in Jumeirah these days they would come out quite satisfied).

My point here, when you dress provocatively, and you KNOW you will spark someones interest, what in gods name do you think they will do once you are out of sight?
What if an innocent 7 year old girl happened to wander in front of their path when they are in such a situation?

I keep hearing the saying that females who dress like that will get what is coming to them. I think others may get it instead.

Please ladies, cover yourselves up, and think of the innocent children who may be paying for your indiscretions.


Long Distance said...

The feeling is Mutual Thelma,

love, Louise.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Nice post :-)

CG said...



come HOME

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redstar said...

Provocative like your avatar?

CG said...

Redstar.....suck my belly ring.

Long Distance said...

Redstar, Cg,