Sunday, September 10, 2006

Learning about Seattle

With its booming business district and lively music houses, Seattle attracts more visitors and residents every year. The largest city in the Pacific Northwest area of the United States, Seattle is known as an exceptionally fit city where a majority of residents stay healthy by walking and biking. In addition, Seattle has shown itself to be a very educated city as well; the city tops the list of United States cities with the highest percentage of college graduates among its residents.

Visiting Seattle, Washington

Visitors reach Seattle through its commercial airport, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The city fosters an impressive public transportation system of buses, railways, ferries and even a monorail line. Setting its system apart from others, Seattle is the one of the only cities in the United States to use electric trolleybuses.

Several major Interstate highways pass through Seattle including the I-90 and the I-90; the city features many state freeways as well. Unique aspects of the city's roads are its floating bridges; Seattle's Evergreen Point Floating Bridge and its Lacey V. Murrow Memorial Bridge hold the titles as the first and second longest floating bridges in the entire world. While many Seattle residents travel via bus, ferry or railway, the majority still choose to use automobiles as their primary commuting mode.

Attractions in Seattle

Visitors flock to Seattle's most famous landmark, the Space Needle. Often seen in the background of television shows or movies set in Seattle, the Space Needle is often the most recognizable Seattle building to visitors. Visitors can also visit the Experience Music Project, a unique museum of music history, located right next to the Space Needle in Seattle Center.

The corporate coffeehouse giant Starbucks started in Seattle, and visitors can grab a cup at the very first Starbucks ever built, located at Pike Place Market. In addition to the chain coffeehouses, hundreds of independent cafes and coffee shops are sprinkled throughout the entire city. Seattle also features more drive-through coffee stands than any other United States city.

Restaurants and Nightlife in Seattle

With the city's waterside location, visitors and residents alike can find some of the country's best seafood in Seattle. Filled with delicious choices such as Dungeness crab, mussels, prawns and oysters, the city's seafood is as fresh as it comes. Seattle also features a variety of other restaurant choices when it comes to dining; every imaginable delicacy can be found within its boundaries.

The city's nightlife centers around its incomparable music scene. With over 80 live music clubs, Seattle has the highest per-capita dance clubs and music venues; its residents love music. Known as the home of grunge rock, music groups such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam hail from the area. The city still remains incredibly influential in the alternative music scene.

Seattle's love of art extends beyond just the music arena as it remains a powerful center for all performing artists. The Seattle Symphony Orchestra, the Seattle Opera and the Pacific Northwest Ballet attract thousands of aficionados every year. The city also houses a plethora of independent theaters, and poetry slams regularly occur at local coffeehouses.

Seattle Housing Options

The city is home to many distinct neighborhoods and districts within its boundaries; however, they are loosely zoned and sometimes overlap. Overall, Seattle housing prices run on the high end, due to the city's increased popularity in recent years. New residents can find affordable housing options in more outlying, up-and-coming neighborhoods, as well as suburbs on the outskirts of the city.

Housing prices are the most expensive in the Downtown region of Seattle. With its close proximity to shops, restaurants and the hub of the nightlife scene, demand for housing in the area is high. For residents looking for a more relaxed, eccentric feel, the Fremont neighborhood is known for its artsy, bohemian vibe. The Ravenna and Maple Leaf areas have shown to be good options for young families, offering affordable housing options and tree-lined residential streets.

Cars in Seattle

As the majority of residents choose to commute via automobile, there are plenty of car dealerships in the area. Offering competitive prices on new and used vehicles, these dealerships lie both within the city's limits and in its outlying suburban areas. The annual Seattle Auto Show draws consumers and car lovers every year; they can view and compare virtually every automobile on today's market.

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