Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Musical Memories

Sometimes music can trigger memories that you would never had recalled otherwise.

There was one particular song that often used to come into my head, but since it was my own voice singing it I did not give it much thought. Until I stumbled across the following on youtube, purely by chance.

It takes me back many years (I do mean many). I was playing football with the boys, in the sand, barefoot, as we did......one of the lads used to keep his tape player on the side and replayed this song over and over again. I loved it. 

I miss that time. I was very happy and knew very little about the 'real' world. But mostly that was a time when Dubai was mine. All mine.


Yes Sir said...

Dam! I remember it, . I cant' think of it, but now I'll be up all night because it's stuck in my head. Thanks!!!

rosh said...

I don't know of this song, however, am sure you have beautiful memoirs associated with it.

Guess most amongst us miss the young UAE, when home was indeed home. I don't know if it shall ever be that way again - I do know, there probably won't be another place like her. I miss her.

CG said...

yes sir, thanks for dropping by. I am sure, very sure that you remember it, all too well.

rosh, yes, home sweet home.

BuJ said...

Wow.. I don't remember the music but surely the videoclip is very very well made.. man.. they don't make them like they used to :)
thanks for sharing!

btw, u know those red flowers, the huge ones.. u don't see them anymore in dubai?

we used to have loads of them in our old house.