Sunday, January 20, 2008

Will we get a full week in?

In the last 10 days the kids have been in school for one of them. YES, one.

Thursday - OFF, Islamic New Year
Friday - OFF, w/e
Saturday - OFF, w/e
Sunday - IN SCHOOL
Monday - OFF, Bush International Day
Tuesday - OFF, Our part of the desert was flooded
Wednesday - OFF, All schools closed due to flooding
Thursday - OFF, Flooding
Friday - OFF, w/e
Saturday - OFF, w/e


ammaro said...

lovely eh?

you should have seen us in december. we got a full 11 days off. national day + eid plus so on.

then another day off for new years...

then another for hijri new year

now we just got another 2 for ashoora...

i really wonder when this country ever manages to get its business done

rosh said...



i*maginate said...

habby holitays!

BuJ said...

me me me...... give me more cookies.. i'm the cookie monster!

Jayne said...

If Dubya hadn't demanded the UAE be closed just because he was visiting maybe we wouldn't have had so much rain. The man is evil. It was nice to have rain again, but after 3 days solid, I was so fed up!

BuJ said...

oh oh oh.. Jayne.. u were fed up after 3 days of rain? you better not come and live in the UK.. hehehe