Wednesday, October 26, 2005

One flew over the cuckoos nest

I read in a local paper that someone had found a dead bird (pigeon I think) in a school yard. After many exhaustive calls to Municipality and various ministries they finally connected with someone who said they would come and collect the bird and test it (Municipality told them to throw the bird away). The bird was collected and later that same day the person received a phone call to say that the bird had tested negative for bird flu. I do recall the British Government along with Romania taking quite a bit longer to finish their testing. It seems like the UAE has the capability to complete these tests faster than any other.

CG (starting to feel slightly febrile)


Anonymous said...


Don't be sick. White people whine a lot (inflammatory statement) so this leads me to the assumption that the schoolmarm in question is white. Still, in these days of bird flu, can't be too careful, can you?

More assumptions:

Pigeon population in UAE: 500,000 (very conservative estimate).

Pigeon life span: 2 years (no basis in science--I said it was an assumption)

Number of pigeons passing on to the hereafter every year in the UAE purely due to old age: 250,000

Number of pigeons dying of old age every day in the UAE? 250,000/365= 685.

Too many to test for bird flu.

moryarti said...
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moryarti said...

685 pigeons deaths everyday.. i contributed to one last week. The dumb pigeon was playing chicken with my car! it was very graphic

Anonymous said...

Shame on you, Moryarti.

BTW that cartoon is fantastic. Who is the artist, Chevy?

Also, what prompted me to post earlier (I also saw the report in 7DAYS) was that quite near my house there seems to be a place where I can only assume those people are practising witchcraft. Every time I pass that way (a gulley behind the house in question) for the past several years I find dead pigeons lying around which I think they are just throwing over the wall, along with a lot of fecal matter. Something's fishy or they have no toilet either.

CG said...

Moryarti, come by my house and run down some pigeons for me...i HATE them..
el condo...what can I say? All people whine a lot. I just don't wana be a statistic thats all.

Now where did i put my tamiflu?

CG said...

el is my source:

moryarti said...

i couldn't do anything about it!

I was horrified...i couldn't sleep for 3 days...I had nightmares, flocks of single winged pigeons chasing me .. and the sound.. that demonic pigeon sounds.... purrrr..purrrrrr.. I can't get it out of my head.. STOP STOP!


NEEEEAAH, after the incident, we went for stuffed pigeons at my favorite egyptian restaurant (Muraqqabat Street) ... Very yummy i have to add :)