Saturday, December 31, 2005

Locals first, if you please

I know we keep hearing that the local lassies are becoming more and more educated, but I am still concerned.

In the salon this morning (I was there bright and early) getting my hair all done for tonight, I was barely visible underneath a pile of rollers. I heard the bell ring a few times (hmmm impatient person, I thought). In she breezes, straight out of her bed, demanding a wash and blow dry. Right now. With none other than the lady who was doing my hair. YES, MINE. The lady explained that she needed to finish mine, then another lady was patiently awaiting a new colour for her hair. NO! You do me first! I am local! FECKING hell...I heard that.

Before I had a chance to toss my rollers to the wind and scream I AM LOCAL TOO, she cursed and muttered some indecent words, condemning us all to hell worse than looking at her and took to the door.


BuJ said...

I think impatient locals that just got out of bed definitely have priority over locals who have their hair in rollers :)

secretdubai said...

Yes - I've heard this before - the staff at one salon I spoke to said they deliberately try to discourage local women from becoming clients because there have been incidents like this.

Dubai is very much an on-demand kind of place, it may be hard for some people to get into good habits of booking in advance, waiting in line, etc.

BuJ said...

i've never seen a proper queue here,, just a blob :)

and i actually find them faster to manage than queues!

Anonymous said...

Local or no local, manners are manners..