Saturday, February 11, 2006

Fecking (Patent Pending) Child Abuse.

Al Barwani said: “It all boils down to a lack of awareness about safety and the authority is pressing on with a campaign to edu cate children and their parents. We have noticed that for most children, the situation in the car is very risky. More needs to be done to educate parents.”

Aha...Once it is all boiled down, we will reach a pile of ignorant parents who choose to place their children in a situation that is equivelant to putting an extra sharp knife into the hands of a toddler and just hoping that an accident does not happen. Mothers who sit in the front seat of a vehicle with child on lap should be sentenced to no less than 5 years in jail for inviting horrific/fatal injuries. Children who are un-restrained in the back of vehicles should be allocated new guardians immediately. Campaign all you like Mr Al Barwani, you are targeting block heads who love the thrill of near death.

  1. Place new born baby on Mothers lap in front seat. Look! Nothing happened to mine.
  2. After 2 years on mothers lap, now dump child in rear seat. What? Spend Dh.900 in mothercare? Whatever for? Look! They are still alive.
  3. After 4 years let them sit unrestrained in front seat. With belt? No way, they are invincable.
  4. After 6 years give them a quad bike, let them loose after lunch while having a nap.
  5. After 8 years give them fireworks to throw from the back of their quad bike all night long during ramadan.
  6. After 12 years teach them to drive the cruiser off road. Of course they won't sneak the keys when everyone is asleep.
  7. After 15 years give them a suzuki jeep to taunt the neighbourhood with.
  8. After 17/18 (depending on wasta situation) give them a license to kill.


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CG said...

Yeh yeh, she loves her baby.

nzm said...

And there's only a 100dirham fine and 4 black points?


Mrs. Azucena said...

Well, what do ya say? Perhaps she caught site of our lovely moms over here who do the same including letting their precious nuggies stand in the car and put their heads out of the sun window. that is my fave- And they say that beheading in Saudi is cruel tsk tsk tsk

nzm said...

hey CG - take a look at the post "Irish Scarecrow" on Jayne with a Why's blog


* said...

Apparently she went racing after Mr.Brittany Spears because he wanted to have the baby's ears pierced.
Here no sooner are the daughter's a few days old when they pierce the babys ears. Oh yes I forgot.after they have the babys ears pierced they take the baby out for the "drive".

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of Mexico, where they will pile a family of 6 on a moped, with mom, dad, and 4 babies hanging helmets, no restraints, no nothing...and then push that little motor as hard as it will go...

God forbid they hit something - all the kids die.

Ignorance has no particular class - it exists everywhere.