Thursday, June 29, 2006

I wonder why

The articles on Austin's arrest earlier this week ran to just a few paragraphs, and at least one major paper, the Gulf News, had no coverage of the case on Thursday.

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Dubai@Random said...

It seems there are still people (like Mr. Austin) who don't know the facts about this place.

At least it isn't Singapore.

Back in 2000, a Brit somehow managed to get back to the UK after being arrested here with illegal drugs. He said he couldn't be extradited because the UAE practices torture (followed by execution) on drug dealers, so extradition would violate UK law (I think he managed to avoid extradition).

But I was in Deira last Friday. Several people were smoking, and I smelled something I didn't think I'd smell here. A friend said what they're smoking is perfectly legal, it only smells like it's not.

But I didn't believe him.