Thursday, September 14, 2006

How AM I doing?

Quality Of Life Quiz

INSTRUCTIONS: Print out this page or request this page
Circle Y (for Yes) or N (for No) for each of these 25 questions.

Y N 1. I have at least a year's living expenses in the bank or money market fund.
Y N 2. I look forward to getting up virtually every morning. (My dreams are nightmares.)
Y N 3. I don't spend time with anyone who bugs me or who is using me.(they are dead)
Y N 4. I am both pleased and content with my spouse/partner, or happy being single.(yehyeh)
Y N 5. I take at least 4 vacations a year. (WHAT? One with the family is more than enough)
Y N 6. I could die this afternoon with no regrets. (I will be dead , right?)
Y N 7. Life is easy; I have virtually no problems or unresolved matters affecting me.
Y N 8. I spend my leisure time totally enjoying my interests; I am never bored. (leisure time?)
Y N 9. I am on a financial independence track or am already there.
Y N 10. I have a circle of friends who I have a blast with, without effort. (yawn)
Y N 11. My work/career is both fulfilling and nourishing to me; I am not drained. (GAG)
Y N 12. I love my home: Its location, style, furnishings, light, feeling and decor.
Y N 13. I tolerate very, very little; I'm just not willing to.
Y N 14. I am living my life, not the life that someone else designed for me or expected of me.
Y N 15. I don't see a cloud on my future's horizon; it looks clear to me. (inside the cloud)
Y N 16. I don't have to work at financial success; it seems to find me with very little effort or pushing.
Y N 17. My wants have been satiated; there is little I want. (gimme more more more)
Y N 18. My personal needs have been satisfied; I am not driven or motivated by unmet needs.
Y N 19. Weekends (or other days off) are a joy for me. (weekdays you mean)
Y N 20. I have more than enough energy and vitality to get me through the day; I don't start dragging. (as long as I have naps every 55 minutes, I am fine)
Y N 21. I have designed the perfect way to spend the last hour of my day. (asleep)
Y N 22. I am able to stay present during the day; I don't lose myself to stress, adrenaline, caffeine or other drugs. (hiding the prick marks)
Y N 23. There is nothing that I am not facing head-on; nothing that I am putting up dealing with.
Y N 24. I have designed -- and am living -- the perfect lifestyle for me right now.
Y N 25. I have no financial stress of any kind in my life.

Number of Y's ____12__

Scoring Key:
21-25 Awesome. Congratulations for such a high score and for living such a great life.
16-20 You're doing well. 16-20 is a very good score.
11-15 You're doing okay. You're about half-way there. Consider hiring a coach to move your life (and your score) forward.
0-10 Yes, there is work to do. It takes time and desire to raise the quality of your life.
Use this test as a blueprint. A great coach will help!


moryarti said...

8 yes

Long Distance said...

Blah, Blah Blah, Blah Blah

samuraisam said...

hmm... I didn't have many yes's

Harsha said...


* said...

You want to tell me what exactly is going on?
Answer the PHONE!!!

* said...

OII memsaab!
Since you are so into these things

Jayne said...

Ummm.......only 8 yes's. I'm such a sad old bat!