Thursday, September 14, 2006

How AM I doing?

Quality Of Life Quiz

INSTRUCTIONS: Print out this page or request this page
Circle Y (for Yes) or N (for No) for each of these 25 questions.

Y N 1. I have at least a year's living expenses in the bank or money market fund.
Y N 2. I look forward to getting up virtually every morning. (My dreams are nightmares.)
Y N 3. I don't spend time with anyone who bugs me or who is using me.(they are dead)
Y N 4. I am both pleased and content with my spouse/partner, or happy being single.(yehyeh)
Y N 5. I take at least 4 vacations a year. (WHAT? One with the family is more than enough)
Y N 6. I could die this afternoon with no regrets. (I will be dead , right?)
Y N 7. Life is easy; I have virtually no problems or unresolved matters affecting me.
Y N 8. I spend my leisure time totally enjoying my interests; I am never bored. (leisure time?)
Y N 9. I am on a financial independence track or am already there.
Y N 10. I have a circle of friends who I have a blast with, without effort. (yawn)
Y N 11. My work/career is both fulfilling and nourishing to me; I am not drained. (GAG)
Y N 12. I love my home: Its location, style, furnishings, light, feeling and decor.
Y N 13. I tolerate very, very little; I'm just not willing to.
Y N 14. I am living my life, not the life that someone else designed for me or expected of me.
Y N 15. I don't see a cloud on my future's horizon; it looks clear to me. (inside the cloud)
Y N 16. I don't have to work at financial success; it seems to find me with very little effort or pushing.
Y N 17. My wants have been satiated; there is little I want. (gimme more more more)
Y N 18. My personal needs have been satisfied; I am not driven or motivated by unmet needs.
Y N 19. Weekends (or other days off) are a joy for me. (weekdays you mean)
Y N 20. I have more than enough energy and vitality to get me through the day; I don't start dragging. (as long as I have naps every 55 minutes, I am fine)
Y N 21. I have designed the perfect way to spend the last hour of my day. (asleep)
Y N 22. I am able to stay present during the day; I don't lose myself to stress, adrenaline, caffeine or other drugs. (hiding the prick marks)
Y N 23. There is nothing that I am not facing head-on; nothing that I am putting up dealing with.
Y N 24. I have designed -- and am living -- the perfect lifestyle for me right now.
Y N 25. I have no financial stress of any kind in my life.

Number of Y's ____12__

Scoring Key:
21-25 Awesome. Congratulations for such a high score and for living such a great life.
16-20 You're doing well. 16-20 is a very good score.
11-15 You're doing okay. You're about half-way there. Consider hiring a coach to move your life (and your score) forward.
0-10 Yes, there is work to do. It takes time and desire to raise the quality of your life.
Use this test as a blueprint. A great coach will help!


moryarti said...

8 yes

Long Distance said...

Blah, Blah Blah, Blah Blah

samuraisam said...

hmm... I didn't have many yes's

Harsha said...


kaya said...

You want to tell me what exactly is going on?
Answer the PHONE!!!

kaya said...

OII memsaab!
Since you are so into these things

Jin said...

Ummm.......only 8 yes's. I'm such a sad old bat!