Saturday, November 25, 2006

Sandwiches to live on

I love sandwiches more than 'regular' food. I have spent most of my life hiding the fact that my favourite treat is a grilled pickled onion (sliced) & Peanut butter sandwich (only crunchy will do). I discovered this flavour blend at the age of 8 when goofing around in the kitchen and trying to gross my family out. It was pure love and one which I do not experience very often due to my preference for my fathers home-made pickled onions. I have pickled my own, but have never achieved that exact same amount of spiciness & crunch as he manages.

I get to sample some weird variations when travelling, as I often find myself caught up sight-seeing or shopping with no time to mess around with, and with starving kids who want to eat NOW.

Besides my own pickled onion & peanut butter I did discover a very nice sandwich at a coffee shop in Wafi City. It had a few kinds of cheeses, pineapple and some other things thrown in. It was a right mix but went down smoothly.

My most recent discovery was Crayfish & Rocket with Lime Mayonnaise (I think) on Oatmeal bread. I 'found' this in the food hall at Harrods, and for a mere 2.20 it was a steal. I went back there last month and managed to find my 'baby' sitting on the shelf waiting for in the space of a few months was goooood.
Unfortunately I did not take a photo of the sandwich or the wrapping (I was shovelling at an amazing speed).

The weeks have passed and my cravings have surfaced. Pickled onions and Wafi City cannot tempt me. I NEED that crayfish fix. And I need it now. I would love to attempt it but know I will fail dismally, especially with the oatmeal bread.


nzm said...

Anyone would think that you're pregnant with sandwich combos like those!

Another one is cream cheese and dried (but moist) apricots. Yum!

moryarti said...

What in heaven's name made you grill pickled onions?

Long Distance said...

I'm fine, just thought I'd make you sweat a bit to see how much ya loved me :)

Hopefully I will be around to sample your pickled peanut butter sandwiches, ever tried spaghetti & banana Deliciooooooous:)


Harsha said...

oooh i love sandwiches.

oh btw while we're at it, do you find anything wrong with getting a sandwich to school every single day, for four consecutive years, for the recess break?

nzm said...

Oh - and don't forget to try ripe avocado, mashed together with a dash each of Lea & Perrins' Worcestershire sauce and tomato sauce with salt and pepper - totally delicious!

When I had that sandwich in my school lunchbox, I was a happy camper!

long distance: spag and banana? You do like to tiptoe on the boundary of decency, don't you? :-)

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

No no, I have the sandwich for you. Soft whole wheat bread, hommous spread out on it, sun dried tomatos, lettuce and red onions. Yummy!

CG said...
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CG said...

Wow, I am excited......I think I have found the makers of the much loved Crayfish & Rocket sandwich.....Now I just need a concorde courier to deliver. Shucks.

CG said...

Nzm: I hate cream cheese unless it is in a cheesecake and apricots are so so so YUK, I might try your avacado mix although it seems more suited for a dip than a sandwich....sounds nearly mushy.

Mr.M: You really do not want to know more about my favourite foods.

Long Distance: If you could cook spaghetti I would be how do you make a sandwich of it? And btw good thing you are out of is raining. Long Distance + rain = nightmare (traffic one).

Harsha: I am not sure what you are on right now.....but can only imagine it is over-exposure to too many mundane sandwiches.

SS: My, My. What can I say? Sundried tomatoes don't stay down. Nuff said.

Long Distance said...


First of all get off ya high horse,

I can cook spaghetti:)

And the last time I drove in the rain in dubai I got smashed by a police car while stopped at a red light & the S##B thought it was Hilarioooous.