Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Are you a naughty teacher?

Last night I asked my daughter to fill in the tag on the gift bag for her teacher.
I just went to get it to put the gift inside and saw what she had written.

Mr. H, are you naughty or nice?

Innocence. I love it.


Harsha said...

teehee. I'll second that

Tainted Female said...

I can't help but notice that a post or two ago, harsha, you were giving CG advice to teach her children about sexuality if they're old enough, and now you're all for innocence?

Personally, I think it's a good thing CG or anyone else (to my knowledge) hasn't followed your advice as you completely contradict yourself. Perhaps you're still defining your own beliefs?

As for this card CG... I laughed when I heard about it, and I'm giggling when I see it. Super Cute!

Anonymous said...

Did I advice her to 'teach her kid about sexuality' or to tell her what a prostitute was? again... since shes young and having a question in mind - will try her best of find out!

Again.. if shes old enough..say.. 13+, theres no harm in letting her know. Someone that age has a vague idea already, even if not.. you could breifly hint it without having to go into details.

When I was younger and in school, I wasnt allowed to hang around outside in certain areas of Bur Dubai when I went over to friends places. I never questioned it,simply because I knew why.

Again, my upbirnging isnt a basis for any other. I read something - left a suggestion - she replied she wasnt old enough yet. So that. Ends there. How is my giggling on innocence contradicting my opinions?

Tainted Female said...


With all due respect... Your response speaks for itself and no further comment on my part is needed.

Have a wonderful day.

kaya said...

VERY Sweet.

Long Distance said...

Tainted Don't you think You are making an arguement out of nothing?

Tainted Female said...

Long Distance,

I see how it might look that way.

But as a mom, I feel it's incredibly distasteful, rude and even arrogant for a childless, young woman to give advice to mothers regarding their children, let alone contradict that advice almost immediately after.

In addition I've seen this particular person make similar statements over and over again in the past. I felt it's time to point out to her just how bad it truly reads.

By the way, I'm a living contradiction, myself. I know that and I don't think it should be considered an insult by her or anyone else - especially when she's young and it would be normal for her to still be defining her beliefs. Just like me in many ways. The difference is, because I know it, I try not to give advice to others (unless it's asked of me, or I've got a close relationship with the person and I believe I know the solution to a situation they're facing. And even then if they don't want to take it, I don't get defensive & adamant about the advice I've given).

Long Distance said...

Well said.
But am I contradicting myself?

CG said...

are you? are any of us? or all of us?
Having kids in this world that we live in is a contradiction anyway.

Tainted Female said...

lol... no, not the way I look at it. You've been given further explanation and thus you understand where I'm coming from, which you may not have previously.

and CG... Couldn't have said it better myself.