Monday, January 01, 2007

5 Topics


1) Welcome to 2007, oh what an exciting time it is. We can finally let go of last year, and I really think it needs to be gotten rid of. On a personal scale it was not too bad, I am still alive and possibly a stronger person.

2) Last year my best friend moved very far away and there were moments when I really needed her around me. During those hard times I realised that she was only an email away and not gone forever. It must have been harder for her, to have to find a new home, school & friends, plus leaving ME (I bet she was secretly rejoicing!!) and her own family. I am still waiting for her to announce that they could not settle so will be coming back.

3) BLAH BLAH BLAH (fill in the gaps with any sorry story) BLAH BLAH BLAH .........................So there we have it. We shall plod on and of course have plenty of HOPE that something will change for the better. In the meantime I avoid anyone who I do not speak to on a regular basis. Their first question is to ask how she is doing, then the frowns start when they ask why the doctors have not managed to accomplish much, and then they ask me to explain again exactly what is wrong. I am more fed up with the questions than anything else.

4) I have a few mobile phones, all have a different purpose. One is used for roaming so I rarely give the number out as people still try to call you, even if you inform them of your travel plans. "Oh hi Mrs.WinterBottom, I know you are in Australia right now, but have you got a few minutes to talk"? Like WHAT? WHY OH WHY do people call you when they know it will cost a small fortune (or large, depending on your status). Another phone is used during the week, but NEVER on weekends. And the last one is my family/overseas/weekend phone.
If I am in a good mood then I divert them all to one phone and everyone can reach me. If I am in a bad mood then I divert them all to one phone and then switch it off. If I am somewhere in the middle then I hover between answering and rejecting. It does not take much to make me happy and the same for sending me over the edge. So person A can call me to tell me that they have a surprise delivery for me and that they will call me back in 5 minutes, making me ecstatic. Then person B calls me and tells me my double root canal can be slotted in tomorrow morning, making me border on suicidal. Minutes later person A calls back for delivery map and the call will be rejected. As simple as that. Mood swinger should be my new name. Thats it. Call me Mrs. Bit She MoodSwinger.
House phone numbers are known by 3 people. Fax is always on, but not always attended to. Email is a good option. Work numbers are a huge no-no unless it is work related.
So there you have it. My phones are for MY convenience and I refuse to become a slave to them.

5) If any of you read Buj's post on UAECB I would like to explain my comments. I know it seemed a little bit callous to post the link to the entire hanging, but I just cannot see how it can affect the situation in anyway. If you do not see the hanging, does that mean that you have not imagined it? If you know someone has been hanged, does your blood supply to the section of your brain that controls your thoughts processing dept get cut off? Anyway, fuck it all. It seems I offended people, and yet I am just a blip on their screen....


Tainted Female said...

I sure hope when I sent you that last message I sent it to the right number... I don't know which is which, but I think I've only got one stored in my phone and one on my sim card...

Feel better soon CG...

kaya said...

CG hon. dont worry bout it at all. He wasnt worth it. You didnt hang him.
Move on to something else, and post a recipe.
In a day or two if not already; no one will remember ,no one will care.

Long Distance said...

We are human it is in our nature to be morbid & sexual voyeurs, whether we should indulge these urges is debatable.
If we are believers in our hearts & minds we know it is wrong that is why we have religion to save us from ourselves.

moryarti said...

first of all, welcome back and hope you had a great time off.

Don't bother yourself about that Saddam video link thing. At the end of the day, its one's own choice to visit it or not.

On a more cheerful note, where did u go during the holidays? Any funny stories? :) :)

BuJ said...

hello CG.. and welcome back.. happy new Eid and New year Mubarak.

don't fret about the link.. i think it was good that u posted it.. this is an international event of great importance.. it's a crime to HIDE it rather than distribute it.. one should not shoot the messenger after all.

hope the teething problems have been resolved and 2007 treats u much better.

CG said...

TF, thanks. I didn't know who it was from so I deleted it thinking it was a stalker (!)...

Kaya, How is your deep throat voice now? Hope you are feeling a whole lot better.

Long Distance, This is the problem, I just did not see any morbidity in it at all....worrying I am sure!

Mr. M, thanks for your ever kind words. Just went to the mountains and chilled out. The weather is oh so nice these days, I can't get enough of it.

Hello Buj,
Thanks for the greetings. Not fretting anymore, ok.
Got a few more hours of dental time booked in for this month, then it should be smooth sailing.

Jin said...

kaya's throat is much better, cos I gave her some very special medicine.......ahem........I think we've corrupted each other!
On the phone issue, Hubs will let his office phone ring out - totally ignores it - & chooses to answer or ignore his cell phone at random. He always says if a call is so important, the person will call back. Grandma just ignores the bloody phone when it rings......she slips into dementia mode & says the thought it was the doorbell!

kaya said...

ooh yes! Much better!
HIC!! Thanksh Jin! HIC!