Friday, January 12, 2007


Well, we went last night to Quidam at Ibn Battuta. What can I say that Mr. M didn't?

The show was amazing, unfortunately I was distracted throughout most of it. There was a little bugger jumping up and down in the aisle with flashing shoes on. Plenty of crying babies. Lots of generator noise. A group of local women beside me using their mobiles constantly. The seats were numb bum material.
They were selling hotdogs for Dh.25. Admittedly they were huge, but how can a 7 year old manage to eat 2 footlong franks? Guess who had to finish it off? Yup, and it was probably the worst one I have ever tasted. They should have known they would have a moaning blogger visit them.

I really really wanted to blog about it and add a whole new twist after Moryartis post, but alas, all I can say is 'it was in Dubai'. Let that speak for itself.


BuJ said...

oh dear.. sounds like u didn't have much fun.. did the youngsters enjoy it though?

25dhs.. that's not even enough petrol money!

moryarti said...

I forgot to mention the hotdog... they were HUGE, werent they :)

CG said...

I dare not comment Mr M.
I am laughing my @$$ off right now.