Saturday, January 20, 2007

She just pissed at me..........

He came along to give us a laugh
he wrote of sex, like the Chief of Staff
he included bad words and plenty of rum
he led us to believe that he was quite dumb.

If he was real or just another fake
we didn't care, it was our escape
he took us on rides to his kind of place
we joked and had fun at a deadly pace

He says he has gone now, it is all over
Seems he might have lost his 4 leaf clover
we wish him well, he was a real hoochie
Please Say farewell to Mr Balushi


BuJ said...

nice one.. never thought of baluchi as a hoochie..
oh mama

CG said...

not many words rhyme with balushi....hmmm...hoochie? poochie? sushi?

Long Distance said...

Mark your calendar for Jun 9th Baby,
The Boys Are Back In Town:)

BuJ said...

oye! what's happened to your blog?
deleted the template eh?

nzm said...

Good one!

I miss my daily Balushi fix..sigh...