Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lady Wildfire

Business Bay Bridge is a marvellous thing, don't y'all think? You can pick up unbelievable speeds and get from start to finish in less than 60 seconds, unless there are A-D plated Chargers in your way (Emirati, that better not have been youuuuuuu). Only thing is.....there is a portable radar detector in between the 2 flyovers that are undergoing construction. Pics of my speeding monster coming soon to a newspaper near you;

Buj tagged me, oh man, not again. How much can a simple girl tell you about herself? I shall think on that one. . . . . . . . . . . . . .I have a really ghastly scar on my body. Can anyone guess where it is and how long it is? Long Distance is not allowed to enter this one;

I like PandaHyperMarket (I think that is wrong, it seems awfully long to me....anyway it is called Panda something or HyperPanda something)...can you imagine a hyper Panda? lool, that sounds like Dubai. Everything here is hyper or mega or just plain Panda.
The cashier was an idiot. His name was Obaid Raihan I think, not sure on that one. He had his mouth wide open while his very goofy (and unbrushed) teeth chewed gum like a wild donkey. He said not a word to me, not a ditty doo. I didn't even know he was waiting for my money until I looked up and saw the total on the screen. Such ignorance is disgraceful these days. I am sick of it. Now all of you go to Panda and check this guy out. He is working mornings this week I believe.

Wafi Robbery? Getting so fucking sick of hearing about. Everyone has a theory but I have lost interest. It happened, it was bound to happen and it will happen again. shame really. Welcome to Dubai. Ahlan Wa Sahlan, to the land of money launderers, whores, slave drivers and now THIEVES.


Dubai@Random said...

Glad your blog is finally unblocked.

* said...

Helllloooooo ur blog was blocked?
Flippin "eck, where hv I
been. When did this happen?
Okay I know where the scar is , because I have an almost identical one. But I shan't tell.
A hyper Panda is indeed very funny. What did he get Hyper on you ask? Bamboo laced with LSD?
As for the little Oceans11/12/13 caper. No one does anything without some HELP. Ja?