Sunday, April 01, 2007

Online offers & news

Some good deals I found online today. Flights to the moon, one way ticket please.

Interesting news: Apple and Google have abandoned their individual mobile phone projects for a joint venture. wow.

The Ultimate Firefox extension. This I need.

My favourite site has now launched a RoboGirlfriend, "No trips to the gym to maintain her figure, no lengthy discussions about 'commitment', no irritating habits that can't be reprogrammed. This is the most convenient way to conduct a relationship for busy professionals. And no resentment or guilt when you trade her in for a new model!"

The BBC have launched a new sniff-screen. yummma


BuJ said...

hmm these paddies can't find baggage on earth so why trust them with space traffic?

iPhone? ID?
"As a consequence, the "ID" is incapable of making or receiving telephone calls - but Apple says this is a feature most of its target market won't miss.
"People said they wanted an iPhone above all, to make a statement about themselves," an Apple engineering source told us.

I'm quoting the site.. totally rubbish.. it must be a joke ya? a fone that doesn't receive calls? and engineers making marketing decisions? yo hoo..

kaya said...

Hi there.
Sleepy and not thinking straight.
Just wanted to HUG ya and let ya know that I thinking about u always.