Thursday, May 03, 2007

EK in the year 108

In the year 108 BC Roman forces under Caecilius Metellus defeat the forces of Jugurtha of Numidia at the Battle of the Muthul, with Marius as a subordinate.

Also, The Korean kingdom of Gojoseon falls.

And, The Battle of Loulan (樓蘭之戰) in the 108 BC, marks the earliest Chinese military exploration into Central Asia, after a conflicting of Loulan and Jushi with the Han Dynasty and a switch to the Xiongnu.

And, guess what? Emirates Airlines flew the world.


BuJ said...

I'm totally lost with this!

Visa-less in your transit lounge of thoughts!!!!

Care to elaborate?

nzm said...

BuJ: click on the image!

BuJ said...

ah.. thanks.. i feel suitably informed and embarrased :)

rosh said...

hahahaha! "keep discovering" - how apt eh!