Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A little bit messed up

Living in Dubai can just about screw you head in.
All major players are liars. My friend is still waiting for her long awaited signature Palm villa. If she complains they offer to repay her money. Easy and simple.
The RTA keep on telling us that they will relieve congestion by forcing more cars onto already swollen roads. We say congestion, they say SZR. Well hello RTA, look at the roads and see with your effing eyes that we are jammed to the hilt. JAMMED-DUBAI-ROADS-RTA-FECKED
Police promise us campaigns to sort out the vomit they call traffic. They don't do it. They still let ladies off the hook (they see beds) and kids are still riding high in the front.
Immigration laid out new rules to secure housemaids last month. Guess what? A bit of Vit W goes a long way. The answer is simple.....No, you do not need to give a copy to your maid, or even take her to Immigration to sign it.
Schools and landlords are still stripping everyone of their funds and finding ways around laws and I find it amusing watching the people who complain and moan like their lives depend on it...now guess what I am going to say...IYDLITL. and come back in a few years when everyone has gone and prices have dropped a wee bit.
A boy went missing from his school the week before last. He was gone for about 4 days. It didn't even make headline news. No-one gave a fook. Welcome to the UAE.


david santos said...

Please, it puts fhoto of Madeleine in your Bloggue

Missing Madeleine!
Madeleine, MeCann was abduted from Praia da Luz, Portugal on 03/03/07.

If you have any information, please contact Crimestoppers on
0800 555 111

Please Help

kaya said...

I guess this bloke wont be putting this message on my blog.

Hmmm...you are right sooo right about dubai. But its hopeless.

BuJ said...

you know.. this guy is annoying.. he pasted that effing message on my blog too.. i mean.. why can't u fecking respect people's blogs? If you want to advertise your shit then why not e-mail me and I'll gladly give you a full post!

this is what i call pussy-blogging.. why? they take a small issue and blow it up. don't get me wrong.. i feel sorry for the little girl and i hope she gets back to her family safe and sound ASAP.. but let's admit it, it's her parent's fault.

but some people cannot handle bigger problems.. i mean look what's happening in other parts of the world.. people are being killed left right and centre.. and this guy is worrying his cute bald head about a missing child that actually might still be alive?


(sorry CG for the hijack)

kaya said...

I like your comments sincerly.
They ( the parents) have milked and milked public sympathy to the point its getting nauseating.
No one has time for the reality of all those kids that are orphaned ,maimed evryday.
Thats reality, this is now becoming farcial and tabloidish.

BuJ said...

kaya.. THANKS!

i come from a relatively caring family and i know my mom would rather die than have people know she was responsible for one of us missing.. she never left us out of her sight till i went on that plane when i was 16.. even then i begged her to let me go..

i think this is strictly a matter for the parents and the police.. no need to milk other people's emotions.. just step up and take responsibility for ur actions!!!