Sunday, September 30, 2007

Things that get my goat. Part 1

Stealing. In any shape or form (except internet downloading....hehe). The worst has to be the ignorant people who stand at magazine counters in stores and read everything, but pay for nothing. I don't know how the store managers can ignore this habit. I even feel guilty if I flick through to be sure it is the correct publication before purchasing. I know magazines are expensive, but thats the whole point. They are for those who can afford them, and not for tightwads.

If you are guilty of this, then be sure it is stealing. And you look so damn cheap it is unbelievable. They are, Eppco, Spinneys.......Panda....Carrefour....need I go on? Next time you read your free-mag, look over your shoulder. I shall be clicking away and shall reveal you shortly.

Go to the library, Doctors office, American Hospital.....anywhere.....where they are free-to-read.


BuJ said...

ooh.. there is a part 2?

the best bit is CG suggesting to anyone to goto the library.. wow.. wouldn't we have less traffic if people spent 30 min in their local library instead of all driving down to the farthest mall from their home as soon as they leave work?

oh btw, mabrook ur new sticker

i*maginate said...

If this is what has gotten you goat, then I am pretty surpised. Ain't you got no other things to complain about?

BTW liked ur former blog-style, was unique - just a suggestion - but spose we could get used to the new style

peace out

CG said...

buj...I am warming up. Part 2 will be better. promise.
what sticker?

i*maginate....I know...I am in a lame mood these days, can't do better for now. I got TONS to complain about....they are coming.

My blog design was wiped by blogger...dunno why...its ok though...working on a new one. So don't get too comfy.

peace out? hmmmm ok.

i*maginate said...

yeah peace out. With two fingers abd a V sign. I carry it everywhere I go.

Anyway I can't believe blogger wiped out your blog design - that's pathetic. You know what you have to do now: write an email to them and publish it here so we can all read it. Would make great entertainment.

Hmm when I try clicking on the message section (on the topmost post) btw it doesn't load properly - I mean the format where you get to read the messages on the blog itself as opposed to the "blogger" page

BuJ said...

sticker.. the salik sticker u just won.

BuJ said...

btw, blogger wiped my template too.. it kept all the links but just took out all the formatting. weirdos. i guess they punish us for not posting too often.

rosh said...

Freakin freeloaders - you shall find them everywhere - just take a look at those salik evaders, blah :)

CG said...

rosh, you are right. I hate free-loaders. Pay up or get off. Anyway, they are everywhere and so annoying. said...

im like the total opposite. i go into a store, see 3 or 4 magazines i like and drop them into the basket, buy them, and then they end up lying on the table in the living room not being read! waaaaah

Dynamic Deeds said...

I personally usually purchase the magazine I've flipped (not read) through in the store. When it comes to Arabic publications it is very important for me to flip through them because usually the covers and headlines are very MISLEADING! and I stress on the "very".

kaya said...

Maaan! Thats just sooooo not fair. What LIBRARIES?
Hello? We are in UAE yet? AD has no libraries, and even the one excuse for Library (the AD Cultural foundation) has a few kiddy books and comics (english).
We buy so many books and then they get chucked because of lack of space. House of Prose even closed down, so its not like I can give them my old books.
Whats wrong with a FREE read eh? Next you will say eating crisps and candy and gum gratis el supermarket is not allowed.
Really! CG!