Friday, February 29, 2008

Old friends, forgotten.

I called an old friend the other day. The last time I saw her was a few months back. A mutual friend of ours had coffee with her a few weeks ago and she asked how I was.
Anyway, back to the call.
She answered and said hello. I said 'hi, this is Magdalena*, how are you?'
She said 'which one?' I told her I was so-and-so's Mum (since our kids started nursery together). Ohhhhhh, she said.
Long Pause.
I then made my excuses and said she could get back to me when she was not so busy.
She did call me back a few hours later, but I did not recognise the number, so it rang away to itself.

*not me, obviously.


rosh said...

OK, so she forgot you, and you could not identify her tele number? Hmmmm sounds like a case of the "New UAE" :)

BTW, majesty, you've been tagged. It's a simple book review, please hop over to my blog and read up :)


ammaro said...

errr... well, if you tell her your name is magdelena when it's not really you, then shes obviously not going to remember you...


ok just kidding, im being silly... yeah well, with life moving so fast, its hard to keep track of who you know and who you dont... thats life...

rosh said...

hahaha! ammaro :)

i*maginate said...

I know the feeling, cg, but you know how it's like between women. Politics more often than not prevails.

kaya said...

Alhumdolillah you are back.

LMAO @ ammaro.
LOOOOOOL that is really funny.

But she called you and so now you should call back. She may have been having one of those moments.
You know the ones, where you cant remember your flat number....

CG said...

Rosh, Read my blog. I did the tag thing. Yes, you are right. This is all about the 'new uae', perhaps I should just get used to it.

Ammaro, if life is moving that fast then I would prefer to talk to my chikens and cows all day.

i*, wtf? thats no reason....uffffff. or is it? crikey. fucking hormones.

Kaya, if she was having one of 'those' moments then she can sms and explain or something else, but if she thinks I will answer her call, then she didn't really know me at all.

Is that it? 5 comments? Wow, I lost my audience. shucks.

ammaro said...

you might prefer to talk to them, but they probably wont talk back.

CG said...

exactly my point ammaro.