Thursday, February 07, 2008

Save the children. Please.

I am convinced that all parent/parents-to-be should undergo some kind of course in child safety, especially those lacking some cells up there.

My fury started when I saw the family down the road from me transporting their kids to and from school with heads hanging out of sunroofs, windows etc, and of course no belts, nevermind a car seat! Wana know the worst part of this? Last year one of their little ones was killed in a car accident, due to being thrown through the front windscreen in a small-ish accident. Totally avoidable, as you can well imagine. Once bitten, twice shy? Naaaah.

Then we have Madeleine McCann, whose name brings sadness, repulsion and despair to all those who hear it. Educated parents, but oh-so-fucking-stupid.

Now we have this, and again, I wonder. How many parents leave young kids in a room with blind/curtain strings hanging. Kids just LOVE to hook ropes and stuff around their necks. This is the reason why we can buy 2 kinds of kiddies bath-robes. One is cheap and has a belt with loops to hook it through. The other will be more expensive but the belt will be stitched on, preventing accidental strangulation. Take your choice. China direct. Or China via M&S quality control.

Anyway, the point I am getting at is that we have so much access to information these days, not like yonks ago when you had to cough up and buy Dr Spocks book or expensive parenting magazines from Fleet street. Now just log on and there is more than enough stuff to keep you reading through all those sleepless nights with a newborn.

Take it from me, I am not child-friendly, and the fact that I have produced 2 kids is quite amazing. But I have and it is my duty to protect them from as much as possible. This includes predators, blind strings and loose cables (to name but a few).


kaya said...

I agree with every word you said, not being very child friendly myslef, but with a accident free track record when it comes to the upbringing of my kids.

Its interesting how the ration is in inverse proportion to the cells up there vs the cells(eggs) down there.

BuJ said...

i can imagine cg + kaya + their kids would make an impressive small armada.. man.. it's a scary prospect!

make sure your troops have discipline.

as for the McCanns, they really piss me off how they are mini celebrities. Twats. Careless twats! Their doctor's license should be withdrawn. Can't take care of your own kids, let alone patients.

rosh said...

BuJ - some Doc mama's had to work killer shifts, especially back in the days you know. As an obgyn, mom worked her ass of, however, she was quite careful & patient with all 3 boys - even though we drove her into 30 different highways to hell. As I think of what she had dealt with, given her job, and being a parent thru life -I have nothing but humble admiration, love and respect for mum.

Totally inboard with CG & Kaya, your kiddies are blessed to have you lovely souls as moms.

Interestingly enough, Mr BuJ and I have dedicated posts on Mom's on our respective blogs :)

CG said...

Well it has been a while since I posted this, and many people have viewed this particular page, but not many have commented. Which leaves me wondering wtf is going on. There are obviously a lot of kids out there suffering at the hands of their parents. Time to start the licensing procedure me thinks.

Kaya, get the stun gun ready....

rosh said...

oh oh! may I take the driver's seat? I assume we are taking the SUV with the rooftop? :)