Saturday, July 05, 2008

The world has gone mad

Ok, here I go..................if it is not bad enough already, the world wants us to accept that marriage (a union of a man and a woman) is now to be accepted by 2 people of the same sex.....then what next? a threesome marriage? Why not? After all, whatever values we may have once had are now being threatened.

Anyway, here is what next. Yes, a man had a baby. NO NO NO. Wait a moment. It was really a woman who had the baby. She wanted to be a man, so she had a sex change operation and lived as a man. Then she changed her mind and decided she wanted a baby. She did not really change her mind though, she had kept her female organs, knowing full well that she wanted to have a baby in the future. Is she screwed up? Simple answer, yes. Will the child suffer? Of course. Is it criminal? I believe this amounts to child abuse. Am I screwed up too? Yes I am, for having to live in a world that has lost all sense of family values.

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