Monday, November 17, 2008

wii 4 mii

Well, this is a fact. I am offcially 'old'. My daughter informed me of this last night as she examined my 'chicken legs' and 'sagging tummy'. She also told me that I had dandruff (no, it was the flour from baking 36 cakes for the bake sale at school, like she cared). The reason that I am being attacked in such a violent way is probably due to the fact that according to the WII Fit, I have the lowest fitness 'age' in our house. My hips are secretly creaking after hula hooping all weekend (don't want to lose my No.1 position), and my ski jumps leave everyone breathless....Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha


* said...

Maan I am sooo JEALOUS!
I want to. But When the membership to the GYM/Pool expires perhaps.

Amna_a said...

I love Wii Fit it's awesome! Ski Jump is definitely my favorite game :D

moryarti said...

i bought the Wii Fit a couple of months ago and everyeone at home is not the same since then :)