Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Done my time

I got out. My stomach is in desperate need of attention. Preferably something along the lines of Lobster Thermidor and chocolate mousse

7 Hours later................and much rumbling..........ta daaaaaaaaaaaaa

WHAT? You don't know what it is? do you need a closer look?

I don't know what it was either.


samuraisam said...

what in the hell is that supposed to be.

remind me to never, ever, ever go to a hospital in dubai ever.
unless family members plan on bringing me buckets of KFC and gallons of pepsi every minute of the day, then i may survive.

moryarti said...

Yay .. CG is back ..
HAMDELLAH 3ALA EL SALAMA - salamat enshallah you feel better now ..

That hospital food thing .. Sweet mother! What was it? Fish?


CG said...

Thanks Moryarti. It is good to be back.
The first thing I did was gorge at Hungry Jacks, although it does not compare to will do for now.

BuJ said...

that is not food.. that looks like seaweed.. ugh... and before you correct me, it's not the seaweed you can eat, it's the stuff you get stuck in ur foot when ur walking down mamzar beach!

welcome back CG

CG said...

Thank you Buj. It is nice to be back.

I THINK (and I really am not sure) it was supposed to be was slightly chewy, almost had no taste (yes I did try it)and it had a cloying sort of texture. It rolled and gooooed in the mouth and finally ended up adhering to the roof of my mouth.
A new kind of experience.

The rice had been boiled in half a kilo of cinnamon. You could have sprinkled it in sugar and closed your eyes and eaten it pretending it was an old crumbed cinnamon bun like you can buy in a SpiNNdley supermarket with a green and yellow sign.

BuJ said...

it just dawned on me that soup in hospitals is always disgusting. it's really like it needs a flush.
nothing worse than limp soup...

don't really know a word to describe how your soup looked like in that picture.

glad to have u back in the land of the quick


desertblog said...

Welcome back cg

CG said...

Why thankyou desertblog....very nice to be here.