Sunday, February 19, 2006

Cut us some slack


Doo-buy, dubaay shares borders with Sharjah
Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Wajajah
Our shopping festival comes once a year
the town fills with visitors who look and leer.

We have KT to give us a clue
Emirates today to add some more hue
move on to 7 days for their rustic banter
but Gulf news is what we really are after.

The roads are fast, there is no doubt
watch out behind you, I see a lout
flashing and cussing, he wants to get through
hit your brakes and thats the end of you.

Jumeirah Janes are everywhere
doing their shopping, fixing their hair.
The pajeros and prados are out of fashion
now we have hummers to fill their passion.

Mirdif, Jumeirah, Karama or Deira
Buildings and villas are growing much nearer
a drive across town will take you an hour
and leave the taste in your mouth, bitter and sour.

The expats are staying, buying up homes
they fight for their rights, we hear their groans
They don't own the land, they don't seem to care
as long as their neighbours have savoir-faire.

Imports of food bring in plenty of revenue
allowing lots of alternative menu
It wouldn't be so bad, if they would cut us some slack
all we want is to bring Lurpak back.


nzm said...

very clever!


BuJ said...

a very nice side that i don't see very often of CG.. interesting and smart .. good choice of words.. :)

reminds me (a bit) of jumeirah jane in terms of flow and style of writing.


BuJ said...

perhaps place the pic at the bottom. this gives it away quickly.

CG said...

there, I chopped it up and mushed it all around. HAppy now?
You got a miserable face anyway. You kind of look like that guy over the water.

BuJ said...

i am grinning from ear to ear :D

nzm said...

perhaps buj is smiling on the inside?

funny - my verification code is zzybuj!


BuJ said...

blogger is on my side :D

moryarti said...

i have a stash of sealed lurpaks .. anyone wants to score some, place your bids..

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Moryarti..I have not only lurpak, but also Arla... I think you and me are in for a war... I might even throw in a dane and a swede for the heck of it. People, place your bids!

* said...

I have cookies.So there!!!
That was very clever cg, and to the point. De-lovely
I think buj looks more like he should be Agha habib Asghodoleh in real life. From Mashad or kermanshah.

BuJ said...

i know people who know people who hurt people who kill people.

i also know people who know lurpak!

moryarti and shaira, i can take both of you on!

kaya, why thank you.. no one has said i'm that beautiful before!