Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Had enough

We have a blogger in our community who writes such dramatic and over-powering articles about themselves that beg response. The entries compel us to comment even though our 10% conscious mind tells us not to, the 90% sub-conscious goes for it. Once we respond we then have ourselves violated and our words and thoughts ripped to smithereens before our very eyes.
My advice to those who feel themselves jumping for the comments button, is to go to your notepad and write your comment, and save it on your desktop for a few hours and see how you feel then.

On another note.

To the lady in the red cabriolet who jumps the queue at the Ras Al Khor turn-off every morning:

1. Your blonde/scooped-up/voluptuous mound of tousled hair on your head is obviously devoted to those drivers who are anticipating a moment of pleasure with you.

2. Waving seductively might get you ahead of most cars, but not mine.

3. My new years resolution was that nobody would shit on me twice. I have kept it until now. You did it once, the second time the copper noted down your number so I shall not count that one, and today you did it. That is 2 OR 3 times depending on wether I want to count episode no.2.

Here is a very fuzzy picture of you racing through the Ras Al Khor area at 7.30 am.


secretdubai said...

I love your cabriolet campaign! Do see if you can get an even better picture - someone here might even recognise her!

And re the other comments - totally agreed. I've had to stop myself more than a few times from jumping in. Even if you delete your comment afterwards, the blog owner still probably gets it emailed to them.

nzm said...

Are these two subjects connected?!


Yup - taking my itching fingers off the keyboards a lot, these days!

Don't fall into the trap!

CG said...

I should hope they are not connected. This is more than I can deal with from one person at a time.
Anyway, I am getting the Ferrari out, dusting it off....and I shall become myself again. Her cabriolet will a speck of dust....yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

nzm said...

I would suggest one of those Hummers with the BIG MOTHER machine guns on the front - like the Jordanian border patrols have!

I so wanted to take a photo of one of them, but was afraid to do it!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this is the chick who is out apparently every night of the week-- extremely recognizable, dare I say obnoxious with her very fake blond hair and attention seeking attitude..however, shouldn't comment as I don't know her, but heard she works for a very popular spanish clothing chain... and yes, have seen her driving before--in direction of bur juman from maktoum bridge.

samuraisam said...

anonymous: bershka?


BuJ said...

nice... i bet she's as annoying commenting online as she is driving..

nzm said...

So CG, how was it in the Ferrari this morning?


CG said...

Unfortunately I was unable to take that route this morning but I shall have my eyes peeled next time. Be sure to look out for more pics of the cabriolet lady in the coming week.

Anonymous said...

I just keep deleting my comments before I hit the Publish key. It just seems like such a waste to bother sometimes.

Also, just get in front of her highness in the red car and when you are rolling along, throw your coffee out the window high and wide. She may catch on if you do it enough times. Raw eggs work well too.

CG said...

Hmmm thats a great idea. I take a mega cup filled with tea in the morning and keep the bag in it. So if I slosh that lot at her she will be covered in tea leaves, or end up with a tea bag on top of her swirled hair.

the shadow said...

It must be hot in that 'vert. Next time you are cruising in front of her, you might help cool her off a bit by spraying her with those windshield washer jets of yours ;)

Balushi said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Who told you duddies around here that women are the worse driver??????????


If you duddies have learned your lesson than go and read again my entries about your wives and bla bla bla!!!!