Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dental Nightmares coming true........

I have been undergoing quite extensive dental work since the end of May. The excuse for this amount of work is due to a number of reasons. I HAVE been going to the dentist, but it appears she was not very good, a shame really as she is a very dear friend. The extent of deteriation was not very apparent to me and was really only visible on X-rays. Until infection set in.....and I became very sick indeed.

Anyway, I have been very good and sticking to my appointments. I am close to the end of the tunnel, with only 2 more root canals to go and 2 veneers required for some chipped teeth (cracking hubb nuts with your front teeth is not advisable, especially over long periods of time). It has become an exciting 'hobby' and the main topic of conversation amongst my friends. It is also the most expensive hobby I have ever 'enjoyed'.

I am pleased to say that I have now found a dentist who does not believe that anyone should suffer any pain, whatsoever, and she has been patient and understanding.

She has sent me to an Endodentist to do my root canals as she feels it is better for me to be with a specialist.
My endodentist attempted a root canal on a lower back molar yesteray. I have undergone 2 root canals with the same doctor before and had zero discomfort.
Yesterday she gave me 2 injections which numbed my mouth very well. Once she was inside the tooth I experienced pain. She then injected inside the tooth (excruciating 2 seconds of pain). She drilled some more and all was ok, then she inserted the first file, and I FLEW up in the air.
The pain was beyond belief. I had tears streaming down my face and could not believe this could happen to me (I have been such a good girl afterall). She then packed the tooth and filled it, and said when I go back next week the nerve should be virtually dead and she will continue. I went home in a hysterical state.

This morning I went back to my regular dentist and we discussed what had happened. It seems that no matter how much anaesthesia they give me, that tooth will be impossible to numb. I believe they call these 'hot teeth'.
The Endodentist has just called me to ask me to take a tranquilizer before I visit her again next week. She said the pain may still be there (for the few minutes it will take her to remove the nerves) but I will feel it in a totally different way.

Needless to say I am feeling extremely anxious and am beginning to remember where my fear of the dentist came from.


Jayne said...

I sympathise, I really do. I thought the 'No Teeth No Pain' option was right for me (I only had 7 of my own teeth left) so opted for full dentures.
What a huge mistake! First the new bottom dentures snapped in half & now, 4mths down the line, the bastard things hurt like hell. A British dentist recommended I have 2 implants done & then a 'bridge' of teeth fitted across.....sounds wonderful but I can't afford the kazillions its going to undoubtably cost!
I hope your next appt goes well hon & touch wood, it'll be the end of the fang troubles for a while!

CG said...

Awwwwwww thanks Jin. I just don't know how my teeth reached this stage. Years of diet coke & pregnancies probably played a huge part.

* said...


Love and hugs

CG said...

Thanks Kaya...and for your call this are very sweet.

nzm said...

Happy Birthday CG!

I hope that today is a better day for you.

I don't envy you one bit having to go back to the dentist to continue this.

CG said...

Thanks a lot.
I am hoping to have enough strength to return next week.

Long Distance said...

Sounds like a scene from Marathon Man.

If its going to be that bad can't they admit you in hospital, knock you out & get everything over with in one shot (no pun intended)

Good Luck.

Harsha said...

From my Mommy (she doesnt have a blogger account and Anon comments are disabled here):

Looks like there are more ppl with my kind of dental problems. My dental nightmare lasted six years, I lost all my lower teeth by the age of 37. Finally got eight implants on my lower jaw and a small bridge on the upper one done in India last year. Pocketwise, yes I am totally broke, but had no choice. But believe me, it was the best decision I made. I have forgotten about the six torment years of not being able to eat almost anything.

Also, I learnt UAE is way behind in the field of dentistry. There may be the latest equipment and the hi-fi clinics, but experience…??????

And there is no such thing as “No teeth, No pain”, each tooth is a part of our body, we just neglect them because we have 32 of them.

Dentures – I just hated them (or maybe they don’t make them good enough in Dubai).

CG said...

Thanks to Harshas Mommy.
I don't think I am close to losing my teeth, and I do not think it would be wise to do so either, or else I will suffer a million other shrinking gums....smoochy problems etc etc...
I am using a very highly qualifed/experienced endodentist who is recognised both in the UAE and in Europe as being one of the best, and I do not think this is a case of crappy dentist (I have seen them, been there and paid my moneys too). It is bad fortune on my part and possibly (most likely) the result of bad dentists in the past. Now I am trying to fix the damage and hopefully....OH GOD...hopefully I will be through the worst this time next week.

CG said...

I have asked to have it done under General.
Firstly it will take about 2 hours per tooth...too long to be under.
Secondly they could knock me out for the 3 minutes it takes to remove the nerves.....but that will entail a full days stay at the hospital...blah de blah blah
Ramadan Kareem my

BuJ said...

First thing HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Second thing, I'm really sorry to hear about the teeth problems. I was told that some areas of the mouth cannot be numbed with any kind of drug (except if you go into general anaesthesia).

Anyway hope most of the nightmare is gone and you can get back to normal now.

CG said...

Thanks Buj

Well I have to start all over again this week.

I shall keep you all posted.

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Happy Birthday, and speedy dental recovery!