Friday, December 08, 2006

Party Etiquette

Simple message to working/lazy parents:

When your kids are invited to a birthday party, that is exactly what it is. An INVITATION to join in a birthday celebration. Not an opportunity to dump your kids for a free babysitting service.

1. Please refrain from begging other mothers to give your child a ride to/from the party. You know you will never be able to reciprocate and I feel so sorry for my poor friends who get sucked in by the likes of you.

2. Do not instruct your child to apologise for the lack of gift by saying you were too busy but will bring it by later on, when you know you will forget it once the party is over. We adults don't care, we know you are free-loaders, but the kids do get hurt.

3. If your child has been poorly behaved in the past and you have never once stayed to witness their abysmal behaviour but HAVE been informed, then please oh your apologies for missing the party. We will all be better off.

Did you get it? No? Ok, we shall try again:

If you are the working mother of a nasty obnoxious brat who you get other suckers to ferry around for you to parties where you have forgotten to buy a gift and your kids kick, punch, spit, throw food and shout at ME, then FUCK OFF.


nzm said...

Not a comment related to the post, but on the template - I like it! I saw it once before and bookmarked it as a potential future one for us!

Long Distance said...

Why didn't you put snakes in their goodie bag?

BuJ said...

i like the template!!!
i think i've seen the webite that had this template and tried to change to it but without much success which is why i'm stuck with the boring blogger template in brown..

moryarti said...

nice template ..

Oh and your "suggestions" aside, wishing the young one a happy birthday ;)

CG said...


Yes this template is nice. I have tried to use it a few times but always unsuccessful. Even now it is not right. If you go to previous posts it will take you to my old design ....UFFFFF I gave up.

Long distance

Yes, snakes would have been a good idea. We missed your kids this was quite sad. (seriously).


He thanks you for that, some cake pictures coming soon. with a competition.

Long Distance said...

Did some one say Cake !!!!:)

Anonymous said...

lol sorry that you have to deal with such person. Nasty.
Question, does she read this blog?

Jin said...

Love the new look, very fetching indeed!
Suggestion for any brat giving you uphill, especially at a party:

1) Does your mommy drive a Landcruiser/Porsche/Merc? Let's go & check hey.............then drop the little git off in the middle of SZR

2) Ask sed brat if he'd like to learn how to fly. If he would, hold him by the ankles out of the window (15th floor or higher) & then ask him again..........

I could go on & on but I have to get to the dentist. My teeth broke again. I feel like jumping off the balcony, but I'm only on the 2nd floor & I'd friggin well bounce knowing my luck!