Thursday, December 14, 2006

Supersized CHOOSEDAY

My son decided that Tuesday meant Chooseday, and me being my busy self just agreed with him rather than get into a long drawn out debate, which he would win anyway.

So around rolled Chooseday, and he requested a trip to Mickeys for a fillet 'o fish meal........I tried explaining that it is T-use-day and not choooooseday. No, he was adamant that Tuesday was invented for choosing and if he was going to spend 2 hours roaming the streets of Jumeirah with me then he deserved to CHOOSE what he was going to eat.

At the drive-in I ask for the fish meal........then the man asks me if I want medium size. OK, I said, assuming that medium means normal or average or regular (REGULAR? you shriek?). At the next window I am handed a whacker of a coke. Hmmm....." Sorry, you have the wrong order. I did not upsize. Mine is medium." She looked at me (yes, you know the look.....) "Ma' ordered medium.........this is medium". How on earth can a gallon of coke be a medium. What is going on. Is this part of the war on terror, I thought? The world has truly gone bonkers if a medium is an upsize. Help would have been seriously needed if I had ordered an extra large. I explained that I really could not take such a large container (it no longer resembled a cup) of coke. She hissed and threw a few Dirhams back at me.

So here we have it. When you order they ask if you want a medium. In your mind a medium is regular. But not anymore. You have to say NO TY, I want a REGULAR. Which will bring you a normal size but they consider it a small size.
Are you confused?

Yes. me too.


Long Distance said...

Obviously they were not telepathic enough for you Thelma!
btw did you know that just two fizzy drinks a day increase your risk of pancreatic cancer by 90%, God help me!
Ok I'm bracing my self for your reply:)

CG said...

Do you know that have not had a fizzy drink for more than 2 months?

But my lungs have suffered..............wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Long Distance said...

Apparently a couple of glasses of a good Chardonnay a day works wonder for your heart & numbs you enough that you can ignore Party Poopers, Maybe you should have got shnozzled before the party & it would have all been a beautiful bluuuur:)

btw, We survived the STORM!!!!

CG said...

I assumed you had survived. I saw planes trying to land during it on the