Saturday, January 27, 2007

CG is coming out......

A lesbian is a female emotionally and/or sexually attracted only to other females.

Emotionally I am attracted to females.
Sexually I am attracted to males.

Am I a cross-attracter here?

This sounds a bit like having your cake and eating it too.....yummyumm


nzm said...

I've never it being called cake before! LOL!

* said...

NZM: Thats where the concept of fresh cream comes from.

I have been away and CG has opened up a whole new FANCLUB!

BuJ said...

welcome back aunti kaya :)
finally someone can give some direction to CG!

* said...

But Buji, If I am not there I should be able to depend on you to look after CG.
I leave her and THIS is the direction you navigate her in????

* said...

And Mr.Buj
What do you mean "AUNTI"???????

BuJ said...

kaya (dropping the aunti).. tayyeb ok who will take care of the carer?

who will check the checker?

your logic is flawed.. hehe..

anyway it was nothing to do with me.. i think something's cooking between the three ladies CG, NZM, and Long Distance...

I'm just observing from a safe distance and being amused by this all :)

wallah good to have u back kayajee!

CG said...

Kaya, come down to Dubai on June 9th and we can whip up some cream with long Distance.

Long Distance said...

The Only Thing I Will Be Whipping When I Get To Dubai is CG!!