Sunday, January 14, 2007

Over the hump

Get in my car, lets go for a spin
I will let you touch me, deep within
Faster we go, feel the engine roar
I won't disappoint you, I am no bore
You won't need your belt, I have excellent moves
Sharp bends, u-turns, just go with the grooves
Close to 200, place your trust in me
Is that not where you wish to be?
You think I am easy, you need a (fucking) brain
For your dumb life is about to go down the drain.


Long Distance said...

Thelma, Have You Lost Your Mind??

BuJ said...

from someone who loves poems but cannot write them.. this is great.. i like it.. but when did u write it? and dare I ask why?

are u fed up with your car or something?

CG said...

Long Distance: who are you? what mind? where am I?

Buj: I wrote it this morning. why? I don't really know. I was thinking about fast cars, then sex, then having sex in fast cars, then how cars make us feel so powerful....and so on.
Fed up with my car? I need a new one every 6 months. I am addicted to new cars.

Mansur said...

Mind sharing what car you have now and which one is your fav one. I have a nissan infiniti Q45, and I wanna get a smaller one. lol.


BuJ said...

hmmm ok CG.. fair enough.. but there's more in it than just sex and cars..

there's a lot of hate.