Saturday, January 06, 2007

Thanks for the link Buj

I got a measly 17% (39 countries). And there I was thinking I was a wordly person!

Edited 7th Jan (I forgot about one country, better to stay forgotten!)


BuJ said...

maximum respect!
That's a lot of countries!! In terms of areas, you've done well.. so what have u been upto in Libya, Pakistan, and most interestingly Norway?

Long Distance said...

I didnt know you had been to Tazmania, did they name the T Devil after you?

CG said...

Buj- 17% does not seem a lot. I once went on a Baltic Sea Cruise, hence Norway. And I guess that added quite a few to the list.
Libya was many moons ago. And Pakistan...well...lets try and forget that one.

Long Distance - Watch your gob, you. If they named the T Devil after me, then what would we name after you?
And I did not go to Tazmania, where did you get that info from? Go and get some Geography lessons.

nzm said...

You world traveller, you!

But, um, CG - Tasmania is part of Australia, so when you ticked Oz, Tassie was also filled in.

The only thing with that World Map is that you could have been in one city in a country for only a day, and it will fill in the whole country!

CG said...

NZM, I am just pulling her leg...she likes it!

Well it is true, if you have stepped foot in a country then you can say you have been there, but I did refrain from doing that. Mine are all countries that I can say I have stayed/lived in and seen something...not just airport hops. Within a few months I am hoping to increase, I have 3 countries to visit soon-ish. I would never be able to complete it all, as there are a few places I just will not go to. Never, ever. Abadan.

BuJ said...

wow.. i also just noticed u been to Greenland! Respect!

BuJ said...

which countries wouldn't u goto? abadan?

Long Distance said...

Baltic Cruise, what a show off, and what may I ask is your problem with Pakistan some of my dearest friends are Pakistani.
As for your comment about my lack of Geographical knowledge, You should know I have been subscribing to National Geographic for the last 20 years.I am highly Geographical!!!!!
I am Mortally offended.

CG said...

Dear Mortally offended Louise AKA Long distance...
Somehow I was under the impression that you had more to do with Pakistan than you are leading my dear readers to believe...tut tut.

Show off? Moi? Just because you have not been stuck on a massive tanker and vomited your way around the Baltic Sea for a few weeks does not mean much to me....except that I have 10 more countries on my list than you perhaps...hehe