Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Alive and kicking (get out of my way)

I have nothing of interest to blog about other than to let anyone who reads this know that I am still alive. I was depressed and sad at life, and then became so busy that I had no time left to wallow in my deplorable misfortunes. It is a shame, I was enjoying that gray shade that the world had become in my eyes. I also had an excellent time running people off roads and causing some major havoc to others. It gave me a sense of satisfaction that is hard to attain though other means. Yeh, I know, what a disgusting person I am....blah blah... does it really matter though? Being a Road-runner or being Homophobic or even a Racist.... Do I need to be held accountable to anyone? I learnt this last night when the Trustees of the Board at my daughters school said that they were accountable to no-one. wow. How nice that must be.

Here is a list of some of my phobias.


I have one more, it is a fear of shaking hands. I am not afraid of the hands, but what they may carry. I doubt that I am an obsessive-compulsive disordered person, but I do need to wash my hands fairly quickly after shaking.

I want one of these.
They look like a lot of fun.

Does eating a bag of mini creme eggs cancel out one round of Safa Park? Hmm I thought so. What a shame.

Click here to listen to the fantastic sounds of the Lyre Bird.

Watch this Owl turn into a Cat.


inmotion said...

I take it you're feeling slightly better now?

hope that's the case :)

nzm said...

Hey - you have something in common with Donald Trump - he doesn't like shaking hands either!

oh - some advice:
Stay away from your mother who lives in the dark woods with her dentist french-speaking Belgian boyfriend who has choking fits.

Did you know that she has gay neighbours? They have a crucifix on their wall and one of them is also a dentist.

The other is Russian and has had tetanus. There's a rumour that they have a little cupboard under their stairs where the bogeyman lives.

Visiting this place may be your idea of hell, and you may just faint from the fear of it all!


BuJ said...

glad we got that outta the way...

NZM maybe you ought to write a similar post.. I always thought of u as a level-headed person but now... loool

CG said...

Well done nzm...I am impressed, although reading it made me nearly choke to death. ugh.

Long Distance said...

ok thelma,

I always knew you had phobias & alot more than those listed, is it ok to be racist? I don't think so although every race has its morons.
As for the school Predictable! we will talk when I get back:(

Kapitak Anawak.

BuJ said...

ZZzzzz ....

kaya said...

That creme egg, didnt do well with the meds . Did it hon?
Hmm what would I do with that moon board thingy.
Alhumdolillah I am naturally blessed with the full moons.
I should just sit on my moon and bounce.

CG said...

stop zzzzzing me....I am trying to think about something to blog about. I have too much going on in this tiny life of mine...hopefully I will be refreshed and have plenty of blogable news soon.