Tuesday, March 20, 2007


FFS, I am so pissed reading people comments about others spending habits. Who has the right to judge how folk spend their dosh? If someone has more money than another, are they obligated to help the starving and poor of the world? What if that richer person worked harder than the poorer judging complaining whinger ....perhaps we should suggest that the 'have-nots' go and work harder and make more money to donate to the poor.
Somehow I read more into this. I don't think it is about how he spent his money on a number plate...nor is it about starving poor people.
Personally I don't think he is bonkers. He was spending his money, hard earned or otherwise. And most likely he was buying it for someone else anyway (as a lot of those at the auctions are doing).

You crappy disgusting judgmental monkeys. Another thing to add to my phobia list.


BuJ said...

no.. why not let them add it to their phobia list?

samuraisam said...

It is rare that rich people work for their money here.

I don't think the purchase of that single numberplate is of much note, but the man in question apparantly owns several low numberplates. Whatever catches his fancy I guess.

With the introduction of personalized numberplates, these low numbers won't be very 'hot' anymore. I'm intrigued to know how much a number plate like 'ahmed' or 'abood' would go for though.

Jayne said...

A personalised numberplate at home (in SA) cost a whopping AED750 & it's for life. If you have silly money available - irregardless of how that money became available - then you have every bloody right to spend it as you wish.

CG said...

Most of the rich people that I know here do actually work very hard indeed. There are some who loll around but not as many as there used to be.

Yes, this is it. Let them spend it however they wish.

Yes...it is a phobia to be obssessed with how the rich spend their hard earned (or not) dosh.

Hot Lemon& Honey said...

lol CG at your phobia list, I totally agree, it is none of anybodys business how anybody spends their money. And I agree with you, it is "rare" to find people now who simply inherit their wealth, it is part of the stigma some who come to the "sandland" like to believe to make them sleves feel better.
I am sometimes made to feel gulity about things I buy here when I am in Toronto and at one point I used to lie about the price of stuff I buy so that nobody will raise their eyebrows..now I don't, it is my money, I work hard to make it, I spend a fair amount on charity and on my self too.

* said...

Oh my dear dear friend.
What will You get and me?
Moms taxi or Hot Chick?

CG said...

Kaya, sweet Kaya.

I will get you gogogirl
Do you like it?

Long Distance said...

Are you just Dormant or Extinct?

Kid Sister said...

Completely off topic: "Dosh" is the single coolest synonym for money that I've ever heard, and this post is the very first time I've ever heard it. Thank you. It's better than luchre, scratch, ducats or flow. Amen.

CG said...

Lady Dreadnought
Thank you for passing by.
Yes Dosh is a nice word. I have always called it that, I am not sure where I picked it up from although I imagine it is a low class English word (so how the heck did I pick it up then!!!!!!!!!!!!).

* said...

Gogo girl see me winks
me like that me thinks
But not as good as nosh
For which I need dosh.