Tuesday, May 01, 2007

DU question

Since Du are unable to answer my question after an unbearable amount of attempts, I offer it to you guys:

Du sim card in i-mate JasJam.
It works, and internet works fine too.
myworld will not open. why?
I have adjusted the settings as instructed not once, but six times.

Help me please.


BuJ said...

oh.. what happened to your blog's temblate?

this is waaaay too white!!!

oh, and for your DU question, i bet they told u to reboot.

CG said...

I was playing with it, then destroyed it, now found it again but dont know if it is working. I am going blind from blogger template.

As for my DU question, perhaps posting it on uae community blog was a bad idea. I have been accused of trying to increase traffic to my blog. yeh, like I care.

BuJ said...

well ur blog is working now.. gooody gooda