Saturday, May 05, 2007

Protect them, please.

As everyone who reads my blog knows, I can piss on anything, but never childrens rights.

When I see kids without car seats/belts it makes my blood boil.
When I hear about the starving/exploited kids in the world I feel like selling my soul to save them.

I am not alone in my feelings, but sometimes I do feel that I am at the extreme end of the scale. Out of all of my friends who are also Moms, I can honestly say that only two or three of them have similar values to myself.

Once when my daughter was about 4 months old she did not stop crying for 3 days, and I had no sleep at all. Finally she fell into a deep sleep, and suddenly I had to run downstairs for something (I was in an apartment at that time). I had a number of choices, I could call the watchman to come and stay with her for 2 minutes, which I decided against, or I could wake her up which was also a bad decision. I could call my mobile from the landline and lay the phone next to her and run down the stairs (cos the lift would lose the signal)....or I could just go for fast as possible. I decided to do the mad dash, in the lift, which took me about 1.20 minutes. My heart was pounding so hard. I hated myself at that moment, and promised I would never put myself in that situation again.

I have friends that do the above regularly, and tell me I am paranoid.

This story sends shivers down my spine.
As any Police Officer will tell you, that 12 hours is not good, and 24 hours is almost definite.
I do believe that if a childless person wanted to steal a child then they would choose the younger child. So we are left with morbid thoughts about why she was taken.

I hope she is safe and well, and is returned to her family. I am sure her family will never leave their kids alone again. Should they be punished or do you think they have been punished enough?

May 14th
Madeleine has still not been found. Police admit that they have no clues or suspects. It has also been revealed that the parents left their children alone every night of their holiday while they went for dinner and a few glasses of wine to 'un-wind'. They chose to leave them alone to avoid leaving them with 'strangers', or was it to avoid the 10 pound-an-hour baby sitting costs?
The grand father finds people (like myself) making these comments insulting. He may feel insulted but the truth is the truth.
The parents were unable to conceive naturally. They left their children alone. God only knows best.


BuJ said...

No matter what is said/done, this is still sad and yes, there are really bad people out there who do not deserve to live.

kaya said...

I know what you are saying, but I cannot understand why the parents did not use the baby sitting service?
Why couldn't one parent just bring the food back to the hotel, or how and why in God,s name could they leave behind 3 children.
They are doctors are they not?
Its not just a question of the abduction, what if they had choked or something?

(ugly~beauty) said...

lo0ol u really scared me now , my sis is as crazy as u abt her kidz. she can't leave 'em 4 a min.
some ppl dont appreciate the gifts that allah gave them.

all the best in ur life :)