Monday, June 04, 2007


Having had a bad cold and congestion for a few weeks I was shocked when it took a turn for the worse last night (should have been getting better)....the pain in my ear was excruciating...I was writhing in agony.

This morning was a dentist day but I had to call in sick on that one...and went to the clinic instead.
Diagnosis: One major ear infection, inner and outer.

Drive to Spinneys to buy something to eat so I can pop my pill collection and allow the anti-biotics a free run. Back in the car with poppy seed bagels ( I KID YOU NOT) and lay down to put my ear drops in. Suddenly whoosh BUMP...WTF. The bitch getting into her Armada next to me had whacked my wing mirror with her door. If someone pisses on my car, be it be a door-ding or a head on collision, they may as well kick me in the teeth.

I blasted my horn, but she nasty fucking cow told her driver to step on it. Just fucking wait until I am feeling better and I am coming after you, fukkd-arse-bitch, with a fury that will make you wish you had never ever set eyes on my car. In the mean time I hope the fleas of a thousand camels infest your triangular part with such might that you would imagine a double dose of cystitis and thrush to be heaven. You shall be cursed for leaving your paint streaks on my vehicle. You deserve non other than to beg for my forgiveness.

Now I am fooking off to my bed until my ear drains and I can once again hear.


Jin said...

What a hit your car & then drive off! Let me know if you need back-up when you track her & kaya make a good tag team LoL
Hope your ear infection clears up soon hon - friggin painful I know :-(

kaya said...

Bitch being too polite a word.
Hooring slagging slaggy slut.

BuJ said...

damn.. hope things are better with the ear now.. and more settled etc.. salamat boss