Monday, June 11, 2007

Ear plumber required

I have a pain in my right ear. It started to work its way up to my temple. Now it has found a spot on the top of my head to jab me whenever I stop giving it a second thought. I have had it for a long time now. My sinuses are blocked and most likely infected. It is amazing that bacteria can even start to grow in this body that has had an entire pharmacy pushed through its system in a week.

I cannot hear a thing and am starting to get used to being 'deaf'. I missed my slot in the bank the other day. I was sitting there waiting for the ping. I was number 57 and after a long wait I looked up at the machine (the one that ping pongs) and saw it was on 7fking4. How did that happen then? Cos my ears did not hear the pongyping noise cos the ENT doctors in this town are CRAP> YES. crap. I have learnt to lip read at speeds that would amaze you.

Anyway, if this ear thing does not drain by tomorrow then I have been threatened with surgery. Yes, threatened. Like I can dictate to my ear...."drain now you wanker or else"....."there's the doc, block up now".

I took my meds, did my steaming, stood on my head for 4 hours at a time and even stopped moaning, until now.


kaya said...

Aww poor baby. Makes u feel any better I feel like crap too, and have lost my voice. Much to the joy of an elder child.
Hope u feel better. That ear thing can be so painful.

BuJ said...

oh sorry to hear that bossess.. inshalla to a speedy recovery in your speedy car very soon :)

kaya.. i cannot imagine u without a voice.. it's too painful to picture.. oh.. enough!

Jin said...

I hope things have improved now? Earache is so incredibly painful. I think we've all been in the wars just recently - me with waterworks, kaya with a shitty cold & you with yer lugs! It's enough to make me want to go out & get ratarsed really!

CG said...

Kaya, thanks dear, and sorry to hear you have been attacked by the bug too.

Buj/Boss, yes a speedy car with a ad ear is not a good match.

Jin, Yes the infection seems to have lifted but the blockage/pain is driving me bonkers. thanks.
waterworks....omg...hope that is all fixed now. bring on the cranberries.