Friday, June 15, 2007


Ok, this road toll thing is starting to get on my nerves, not a little bit but a LOT.

I agree with most, that this is untimely and possibly going to cause major chaos like we cannot imagine.

IF it is to go ahead then I will willingly pay the required fee to pass through and have a clear run to wherever I am going, BUT I am angry about the locations of the Tolls, which will allow people to dodge them and join the road later on (assuming that they will get a clear path to allow them to do so).
If I go through Garhoud Bridge and go on towards SZR then I will get blocked by the huge amount of cars coming from Al Maktoum Bridge and Bur Dubai... NOT FAIR.

Here is my suggestion: Section off a lane from the start of the Toll that allows exits only. So it would go like this, after passing through Garhoud Bridge you will have the option to enter the Toll lane, which will not allow traffic to merge with you but will allow you exits at various points along the way until you reach your exit Toll near MOE.

Is this possible?

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BuJ said...

me thinks that's a damn good idea.
i've seen it done in the UK b4.. but without a toll.. it ensures that traffic entering a main carriage way does not disturb the majority of the drivers.

as u know, you just need one idiot and u got a jam..

if you do 50 km in the fast lane of garhoud br then you've already slowed down at least 33% of the traffic in that direction.. if not more because the fast lane carries more cars than the slower lanes.

as usual, such a common-sense suggestion will be ignored.

dubai please surprise me!