Monday, October 22, 2007

Another Tag (sorry Kaya, I FORGOT)

OK, so I was asked to mention 5 reasons why I wish I was 3 again. I am not sure that I remember a whole lot about being 3, here goes:

1) I miss my Dad putting me down for an afternoon nap before he went on his shift work.

2) I miss falling asleep in my rubber ring in the sea, and waking up wrapped up in a towel on the beach.

3) I miss jumping over dead cows on the beach to reach the sea (they used to chuck them off the ships in those days, if they died).

4) I miss listening to Buddy Holly records in the car (oh yes, a record player in the car!!!) and sitting on my Moms lap in the front seat (big no-no in todays world).

5) I miss my Dads MG sports car.

Just for the record, I shall mention a few things that I do not miss:

1) Lack of a/c
2) Being blamed for everything, since I was the youngest.
3) Getting my hair cut in the garden.
4) Cockroaches in my bed.
5) Sultanas in the curry (vivid memories).

There you go, and along with my last tag about i-things you should now be able to accurately assess my mental health, or lack of.



BuJ said...

LOOOOL At Sultanas in the curry :-)

Jayne said...

OMG I can remember the days of having sultanas in curry! In the 'old days' my dad (who did all the cooking) thought it was how curries were made.....eeeek!

Nice to see you up & blogging again hon!

* said...

Yuck! I have never suffered sultanas in the curry.
Bt that bit about the cows on the beach. Really?
But when you think about it them cows been replaced by the ones that waddle onto the beach on their own in their ghastly bikinis.

* said...

(ps Yeh! Thats right me friend . You forgot . and did Buj before me. Should I be jealous. But you did it . So I am fine now!!)

BuJ said...

actually shame on u boss.. u should have done aunti's first.

* said...

Yes shame on you missy. And giving me the 3rd degree about being 2nd on my blogroll. Like I can count and I aint first here neither.

CG said...
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Tainted Female said...

Dead cows on the beach? I do not imagine I would be swimming there! Even as a kid! I would probably be scared to death of them!

* said...

Just realised about your cockroaches in your bed comment.
Thats the whole TEENAGE years innit?