Friday, November 16, 2007

Same colour, different shape.

When an American man sees the colour black, he sees it in a circle, when an Emirati sees the same colour he sees it in a square. A very rare person may see it in all dimensions. No matter how far you try to integrate and communicate, most of it is lost, not only in lanaguage translation, because that is not all that is involved. To understand a mind-set is very difficult and complex, and so too, communicating with someone of another religion and race involves cultural understanding that is almost impossible to learn.

I say all of this because there have been plenty of issues that have been blogged about recently that are not being answered by the appropriate persons, and the reasons are abundantly clear. To some. It all depends if you are looking at the same shape or not.

I do like freedom of speech, to a certain degree. I would hate to see the UAE becoming another America/UK. All I hear these days are people complaining about no rights, no freedom of speech, false improsenment etc etc.  This country has moved forward very dramtaically, construction wise. Even education is way beyond what it was. Culturally it is the same though.

On another note, how are Jolie/Pitt planning to enjoy their new island without being married? Or are they exempt from stoning to death?

Lastly, some posts of mine have been removed due to reasons beyond my control. Sorry about that, they may come back in the future when things settle down.


Jin said...

Hmmm.......interesting topic :-)
A coupla things piss on my battery regarding racism: Firstly, the racism here in the UAE can be in-your-face blatant, particularly if you're a TCN. It's OK to come over here, earn a pittance - oops - I mean salary & build every mega structure imaginable, but then you're requested to piss off the moment your services are no longer required.
The other thing about racism that really gets my goat is that the majority of Poms I come across are all bloody closet racists. They bleat about anyone who's different to themselves, but God forbid they'd do anything about it when it comes to putting their little 'x' in the box on voting day!
As a Saffie, sure we've had our problems with regard to racism & there's a shitload that still has to be rectified, but at least we aren't afraid to speak up.

There's quite a few things I disgree with regarding the politics of the UAE, but I never ever forget I'm a guest here.

As for the Brangelinas, all I can say is they've probably got more money than sense!

*cimbs down from soap box*

kaya said...

I cant say I agree much on the "culturally it is the same", viewpoint. Because it is not.

There is very little culture left. To understand a mind set is complex, agreed, butn like everything else, acceptance is a frame of the mind and heart.
What your heart will not accept, your mind will turn away. And it will seek justifications, to validate its perspective.

What is the point of freedom of speech? WHEN ONE REALLY HAS NOTHING TO SAY.
What is the point of rights? When those who make the rules arrange it to their own needs?
As far as false imprisonment goes.
People are imprisoned within their hearts, with their shallowness and their pettiness.
What is the point of giving them these things, when they have no value or respect for them. said...

youre right; UAE has its own flavor. freedom of speech is good to a certain extent, and depending on the view from each country, it is restricted or otherwise to a specific degree... great topic. could chatter on about this for ages..

moviemania said...

In my opinion, there really isn't a culture left anymore. It's been twisted and destroyed over the years. If you talk to any young Emirati male or female.. you'll see it. It's rotting from the inside out.

When you look at it on the surface it looks ok, but when you delve deeper you'll see how rotten it is.

rosh said...

Perhaps so CG - however, cultures are always evolving and in today's world of globalization & mass immigration - new cultures develop. For instance in the UAE, we've got a culture, the culture of uaeians (perhaps a minority). It has no set defined norms and often includes traits from our parents home nations, the UAE and of those from their closest friends home nations i.e. I have traits from India (mom) UAE (local friends, me, uaeian friends), the UK (dad's family) Pakistan (from several UAE friends) and so on - none of these traits fit the customary cultures of these nations - it's a mixed bag of sorts.

All said - it's about understanding and an effort to know of the multitude of cultures around us. All it requires is some patience & open mindedness, after all, we are just people.

BuJ said...

Very good post.. but what is the reason behind this?

Just to be clear.. I like both circles, squares, and curves as well :)

CG said...

hmm interesting replies.

I was not really talking about racism, because I think that is everywhere we go. It may differ slightly depending on who is dishing it out and to whom. I am the worlds worst racist, I am even racist against my own kind (whatever they may be). Basically I hate everyone from everywhere, that is the state of things in my head. I also love plenty from loads of places, as long as I am close to them.

I believe the culture is the same here and some traditions will never go. But to preserve what is truly dear to them, the Nationals really need to find some way to stay on top.

Now I am blurbing on about crap that I know nothing and everything about. If you are still reading then you have the same problem as me.

Buj, this all came about because I was and still am trying to find myself. I belong to no place. Not my birthplace, nor my parents home country, nor the country I carry the passport of. I could move to another country, but then I would add more complications. I am a no man.

rosh said...

"Buj, this all came about because I was and still am trying to find myself. I belong to no place. Not my birthplace, nor my parents home country, nor the country I carry the passport of. I could move to another country, but then I would add more complications. I am a no man."

OMG, CG we must MEET - I have the similar set-sa issues :) And please don't move to another place. No matter how multicultural, it raises more questions in your head - trust me, am living it daily :)

Silly jokes aside - sometimes we have to give into an healthy lie and accept the way things are. This does not mean the sentiments/questions shall not pop up every now & then - but it helps to control them and understand ourselves. That said, the best place you can try and do this is where you were born & raised. Childhood & teenage years/memoirs mostly make us whom we are today - hence being in that home/neighborhood really helps to understand & identify "you & your roots" better. Hence my earlier comment, because I have come to realize for souls who've had such lives, new cultures of sorts evolve & develop.

Hope am making some sense.

moviemania said...

Lol, CG I have the same problem and I think a lot of people these days do.

I don't have a country in my opinion, I'm a citizen of the world as they say and I have no particular place where I want to be. I feel anywhere my loved ones are is where I belong.

rosh said...

Happy National Day CG! said...

people do get lost as the society evolves, and as more and more cultures get fused into the emarati nation, new habits, regulations, ideas and thoughts come in with them. a totally changing landscape, although financially and economically strong, is unstable on societal terms, as those places you loved to go to as a child disappear, and are replaced by solid buildings, projects, hotels, and so on. your world is changed, the people around you change, everything around you is changed. things become more tolerant, and you have to compromise your original thoughts, ideas and beliefs to accomodate for everyone else who shows up. you feel your people get swamped by foreigners, who become your 'new people'. you feel lost in a world thats yours but you dont feel you own anymore.

elcondo said...

"This country has moved forward very dramtaically, construction wise."

...although that hardly compensates for basic human freedoms--which is something else altogether.

"On another note, how are Jolie/Pitt planning to enjoy their new island without being married?"

Celebs are above the law here, lady. Jacko can cross-dress and hang out in the ladies's A-OK.

No fear of arrest.

Talking of arrests, I like the way one of your commenters so cutely explained away false-arrests...

Petite For Life said...

Oman is the only AGCC country that has no problem with the dark colored skinned people or African featured people because of the historical relationship between Oman & African countries as a result of emigration, etc as an outcome the Omani Arabs have some African features & dark colored skin but they are Arabs & have strong & well known tribal names in the middle east so its fine with them.