Friday, September 12, 2008

More of my crap

Hey all. Wow, how time flies (not having fun...), been busy travelling and having more root canals...I can hardly find anything to blog about.

I drove down Al Wasl road the day they 'activated' the Safa Park Salik gate, had I known this was the day then I would surely have chosen a better way to spend 3 1/2 hours. Fortunately I had a stack of magazines with me, and I also completed my cross-stitch which I have been working on for 13 years, I kid you not, 13 fucking years. I must send Salik a thank-you note.

Ok, now I need assistance. I have set up a Linksys wireless Internet Video Camera (WVC54GC-EU). For those who know nothing, PLS do not respond.

I set it up and set up the sololink. I also set up the port forwarding on my router.
I had a lot of difficulties and Linksys support were unable to help me, so after much forum-searching I found that most people use, so i opened an account and set it all up. It was working great and I got my Dad to check it out from overseas, and it was doing good. All of a sudden everything has gone beserk, and basically it is no longer doing its job. anyone with experience, pls tell me what to do. I think Eatshite have blocked all my ports.


Anonymous said...

Which port are you using? 80 is always blocked.

For that matter, most Etisalat IP addresses are local rather than global, you're on an Etisalat LAN with a NAT translating your local address to the global address.

There are always ways around this, but when Etisalat finds them, it blocks them.

Tainted Female said...

I know nothing, but wanted to say Hi and wish you a happy Eid anyway...

Miss you. And do hope all is wonderful for ya!

Tags said...

Hi! I don't know you from Adam (or Eve) but I have a compelling desire to help!

This could be a number of things but the main reason would be that your public IP address on the router has changed (as it does). This sets of a chain reaction:

The router needs to send a request to dyndns to change the address.

Once that gets through dyndns will update your host entry to the new address, BUT...

Your visitor's computer has a cache/memory store where it will remember your OLD public address for quite a few hours before it refreshes to the new one. Be patient or type this on the remote computer: "ipconfig /flushdns" to make an immediate refresh.

You should always validate what public IP your router actually has against what dyndns has. The update request might not get through.

Two other suggestions:

1) I use dtdns - for some reason that worked better for me than the others (including dyndns).

2) Use port 443 for your incoming connections instead of port 80. So in your browser you would put That port has never been blocked for me.

Hope that helps!