Thursday, October 30, 2008

Yo, Wassup?

I changed the kids' school, well not school exactly, but moved them to another branch. It was extremely traumatic, no silly, not for them. For me. I am slowly getting the hang of it all, just too old for change like this.

Had a large portion of my cervix removed. Apparently it was 'only' stage 1.....yeh right.....stage anything - when in doubt, whip it out. More trauma for my battered soul.

Finally I had another root canal done a few days ago. It was almost ok, compared to the cervix thing. I cannot believe I have endured something worse than having the insides of my teeth scooped and drilled (they go down about 1.9 cm into the roots with a mini drill bit, up and down scraping out all remnants)....Feck man. What a life.

I see the Sex-on-the-beach scandal is still going on, crikey, they should have a colposcopy as punishment, followed by a root canal....hahahaahaaaaaaa.

Sammy the Shark is still being held hostage at Atlantis, so sad, like what? Who gives? There are kids dying in this world and people spend time and money campaigning for Sammy. Shocking, truly unfuckingbelievable.

Thats my lot.


archer14 said...

Yeah Sammys been in his Atlantic aquarium for far too long. Every kid in Dubai has been traumatized and dare I say it - brain molested.

Save the kids, release Sammy you bastards!

BuJassem said...

yo yo yo boss! great to hear from ya!
alf salama on both "operational" fronts.
hope to hear more good news soon :)

Seabee said...

Welcome back :-)
Here's hoping you can stay away from medical people from now on...

CG said...

Thanks you 3. lol. put Sammy on the bar-b-q.

Bujjjjji...shukran jazeeeeeeelun.

seabee...yes, far away from medical stuff from now on, well, besides going for my crown preparations tomorrow hehe

rosh said...

Had a tough few weeks there eh lieutenant? Things shall be well - here's a toast to healthier days and happier times! I ain't a dentist's favourite. I howl, scream - swear it all out, right there on that chair! If it weren't for mom, who gagged & dragged her 3boys into routine dental checks & cleaning, we'd have terrible teeth. Ah! thanks mom :)

Nice to have ya back!

Jayne said...

Nice to see you 'up & blogging' again hon, but bummer to read about the engine stuff......and you're STILL having trouble with the fangs? Gawd woman, I don't envy you!
I shall quietly blog about Itisatwat working wonders - just ONE day after requesting transfer of phone & internet connections, I'm up & running. Wonders will never cease!

CG said...

roshy & Jin
Thanks for passing through. Teeth are all ok, only got 1 more to be worked on, but that is ok, I will get through this.....the end of the root canal road. wow