Thursday, December 25, 2008


A potluck dinner is fine when that is how it is announced, and I have had a few with the 'girls', and since we all have our own signature dishes we can easily predict what the outcome will be. It is also acceptable to have potluck meals when there are many people attending and in a public place, like at the school. It is not alright to expect guests to bring food and/or drinks when they are supposed to be the hosts and holding the function in their own home, especially if it is a celebration (birthday, wedding etc) and gifts will be brought.

I have had two invites recently, one for a double birthday party, where the sms (yes, imagine that) stated that we were to bring our own drinks, I assume presents would not be enough. The second invite was to come over for mince pies on boxing day, and to bring all our left-overs and booze with us. WTF?????? I am still getting over that one.

I know I am old-fashioned and a prude in many ways, but I find this insulting. If it was close friends or family I would laugh it off, but these are people that we have never socialized with before, and it does not look like we ever will. How can you host a party if you cannot afford to feed/water everyone? I would never dream of turning up empty handed anyway, but to be instructed like this is just so so...yuk.



rosh said...

hahaha! what can ya say Chevy? Stranger ways of life come out everyday.

Last summer a friend celeberated her 30th by throwing a party, at one of those stinky dungeons (read underground over priced club where you need a freaking key to get in) She "invited" over 70 people, and just 6 of them had their first drinks on her. The rest of the crowd paid for their own drinks and bites - and it was perfectly acceptable to all (well, except me) I'd never invite folks over and expect them to bring all the food and drinks. It's not old fashioned, it's common sense - it's how it should be!

nzm said...


Jayne said...

It is tacky. If I invite people over, I don't expect them to bring food or drink. If they choose to bring something - i.e. a bottle of wine - as a gift, in my mind that's acceptable. I'm gobsmacked that someone actually sent you an invite telling you to take all your leftovers! Sad gits.

kaya said...

How bizarre people are . Ill mannered, and totally lacking in the basic department of etiquette.
I cannot imagine calling people over and doing something like that. Unless it was a general close friend potluck get together sort of thingy.
But then if i got such instructions I wouldnt even bother to go.

ammaro said...

hahahaha, thats pretty funny. well, i guess the financial crisis is hitting everyone, lol :p

CG said...

You know, I was not sure what responses I was going to get to this. I actually wondered if it was me, being a bit funny n all, you know I am moody and sensitive etc....and have been known to over-react (only a few times).

Anyway, it seems that this is the way folk do stuff these days, so if it is happening to me, then it might be you next.

I have a plan, the next time I get such an invite, I am going to offer to do all the catering. Then I will send in the caterers but I shall not attend. Fuck it. How cheap can people be? Worse than this is that they actually think that I am of their kind. Lordy loo.